September 2022 - Squishies and stuffies

I was told by the woman who gave me this kit. The key to working on dark canvas is to back light it.

Back lighting it works wonders.


I will miss Queen Elizabuth. She was coronated when i was a toddler. I vaguely remember it on tv. She was a wonderful example to all.
I always had my doubts about Charles, but he seems to have matured and i hope he can fill the role with dignity now. We’ll see.

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I am actually willing to experiment to get it right. The strand is about 36" long and I only need about 3-4" to go around the doll’s neck. It is just a broken strand of cheap costume pearls I found in a huge mass of cheap jewelry I found after my mom passed. Looking at it, it appears that it was originally glued to somehow fused together. Maybe I will try the match thing and if that doesn’t work just go with Gorilla Glue…even though that substance and I have a rather troublesome history together. :unamused:

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Ohhh beautiful!!! I need to learn to do stuff like that. :slight_smile:

Good to know!

That seems like a good idea…I hate to think about the Gorilla Glue! Maybe wear gloves! :sweat_smile:

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Wow! I have to tell you that is the first design I have seen using that method that I really like. Beautiful!

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Thank you! :smile: It’s the Eternity pattern from Mim’s Muddle.


Yeah, the last two times I’ve tried to use Gorilla Glue I’ve ended up with my fingers glued together while my son searched the internet to figure out how to get them unstuck. To make matters worse, I never even thought of wearing gloves, and I even have a bunch of them that I use all the time for other things! :woman_facepalming:t3: I’ll have to remember to use them if I go in that direction.

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I had a wonderful guest come by today. We started sewing about 11:00 and just quit! :slight_smile:

Tomorrow is crafting day at Town Hall. :slight_smile:

We’re making “majestic mountain” quilts from layer cakes. Lots of steps and it will take a bit but we are enjoying crafting together. She needed a day like today.

I’ll send a pic of it when I get some blocks assembled.

Oh shoot - I just realized I sent along a couple NICU quilts and forgot to post pictures. Oh well. I have a few more in progress. :slight_smile:

I really need to post more pictures. :slight_smile:


Crafting day at Town Hall today!!! :slight_smile:

How is your Saturday going?


:smiley: :hugs:

Hi all,

I don’t often get over in this part of the woods, but figured I’d pop over and see what you are all up to :).

I have started a Storytelling thread over in the Harry Potter Group. Don’t worry if you aren’t into Harry Potter, the thread is open to anyone. Or, if you just want to read the story as it develops, that’s fine, or add your piece to the story :slight_smile: That’s fine too.

Here’s the link to the storytelling thread.

In other news …
Here’s a few recent finishes

working on a granny square afghan now with a Lion Brand mandala colorway called “Groot” … it’s very autumnal !


I like your projects. For your granny square…are you joing as you go?

@Char. Your meeting looks innocent enough😉

About to grab a project and turn on a movie. Went to a rennaissance faire today. A family member was in the archery Tournament. So much fun. My first time seeing jousting in person.
So many people showed up today it was difficult to make our way around. Time to find a larger venue than the small town rodeo grounds.

No…i did not go in costume. It was about 95degrees, so i sat under my bright pink umbrella.


Yes, I really don’t like seaming, so I join as you go in most of the motif projects I do. It’s a little more difficult on this one, not because of the pattern, but because of the yarn. I want the colors to be “randomized” and since all the colors are in striping order, it’s sometimes hard to get the color in a place that is “random” looking, not right next to a matching sister, etc.

Right now, I have just under 1 skein left, and my blanket is 6x6 squares. So… I am debating trying to add 6 more squares to make it rectangular before adding a border, or if I should just start on the border now. so trying to estimate how many squares and of what color I can get from the skein where I am at in the color striping.

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That sounds like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go to a ren faire, but they don’t have any around here. The area is growing though, so maybe someday. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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@hereami Yes, pretty innocent. :joy:. A lot of sewing, one young lady is making a crochet sweater. VERY bright yarn. It is a small group, but growing. Hopefully it grows. It is hard in my town to get information out.

I worked a “dragons bladder” booth one year at the ren fair. Had a good time. :slight_smile: It isn’t active any longer, the venue closed down and nothing took its place.


I really had no idea what to expect.
What I found was a bunch of people like me, walking around without costumes waiting for the shows. And tons of people in costume. I think the costumed crowd outnumbered the rest of us.
We were easy to spot in the crowd. Bright pink umbrella, white shirt sitting next to a hawaiian shirted man. LOL. …easy to spot in this crowd.

I think people were so desperate to get out and have a good time they wore whatever costume they had. Lol…we had people in period appropriate costumes, then dragon and horse pj’s, tinker bell, star wars, star trek, lol…the list goes on. My family member let me know it wasn’t just us who thought it was crowded. They apparently sold 6,000 tickets online. And then continued to sell tickets at the gate. That means it was crowded…even for the extroverts.


You work for the town so maybe you could set up a calendar of events on the town website. Do they have a website? Another idea is to establish a town email list used for sending town information.

My town had Stitchin in the Stacks at the library and they donated things to local shelters. Covid killed it and it didn’t come back. I wish we had a crafting group.