September 2022 - Squishies and stuffies

The group seems overwhelmingly eager to have a squishy and stuffy month - so here we are :slight_smile:

You can of course discuss anything :slight_smile:


Like you are not as eager as the rest of us for a month of squishy and stuffy creations.


Sorry - I have COVID…. My eagerness for anything is at a low….

Oh no. I had it last autumn. Was not a fun time.

Sleep, rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat a bit, jello is a life saver…if I was closer I would drop off some stuff till you are over it…


Thank you. :slight_smile: I’m really not too bad. The worst part is not being around my family now…. But hubby is bringing stuff to take care of me. :heart::heart:


I hope you feel better soon!

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When we had it everybody got it right in succession.

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Oh, Dear, I do hope it is short-lived. Praying for speedy recovery and no complications😘

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Pattern Ideas

My Knitted Doll: Knitting patterns for 12 adorable dolls and over 50 garments and accessories **

  • I have been ogling this book. Has anyone used it? I can get it used for ~ $16 . And just purchased:

Samantha the Mermaid


I have 4 stuffies on the go from the same designer. She bundled multiple knit and crochet patterns into a book that is available on Amazon. The book is “Tortoise Vs Hare: A Knit & Crochet Collection” by Tahlia Fernandez. I used the affiliate link to find the Amazon listing. The book is currently on sale for $4.44.

ETA: photo of my copy of the book.


Woo hoo… it’s finally September.

Here is my Wip this week. I am trying to crochet a blanket using the waffle stitch.


I know I posted it back on the August board, but here is a pic of my niece’s purple spider again for Stuffie September anyway! My dil came down Wednesday so I could bleach and dye my son’s hair (she tried the last time and the results were less-than-desirable). The first hair pic is after the bleach and I love the pretty pink that came out. He normally has darkish brown hair, so the bleaching was necessary to get the bright color he wanted. My hands are no longer blue (I forgot to put my gloves on when I was rinsing the color out) but his hair still is, so he is happy! When my dil saw my niece’s spider, she begged for one for herself and I had a few ideas on how to do the legs better, so I wanted to make another one and see if my ideas would work so I don’t mind in the least.

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Wow - that is blue! :slight_smile:


will try to get a picture of my hair now. I ended up doing all over color


That will be so cozy! How does that yarn feel? Is it soft and smooth?

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Oh, that looks fabulous. About a year or more back I had purple, pink and blue streaks put in my hair. They were done like highlights, and I just loved it. Unfortunately, it was way too expensive, as my hair is long and very thick and coarse.

However, I really want to do it again. I’ve tried doing it for myself, but it doesn’t last very long and the dye gets everywhere, no matter what I do. I am thinking of getting my hair cut to shoulder length, and then I have an elaborate plan to bleach and dye sections on my own.

I could ask for it for my birthday, however, I just have a mental block about spending that much money on my hair!


I’d love to see it, too!


Yes, the yarn is soft and smooth.
My goal is to have an end product that will be both warm and squishy.

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@Nyssareen - my daughter dyed her hair a very similar blue (looks it to me, anyway, but I am a bit iffy on blues and greens) and both she and the friend who helped her had blue hands for three days.
My first September project completed is this gnome, Magnus, who is harvesting his pumpkins.


@Nyssareen What did you put in the legs to make them stand like that ?