October 2023 Chatter

Wow congratulations that’s exciting news

Hi Liz, Aww, you are sweet. Life and schedule conflicts have kept me away from zoom meetings. Hoping to join in again soon. (Among the more interesting events. I was escorted away from my river walk by a group of howling, yipping, barking coyotes. I was walking alone with my house dog and managed to get to safety. Within a minute or two the neighbors larger dogs began barking and convinced the coyotes not to keep going.)

I worked up the Tunisian crochet squares a couple years ago. They have been sitting in their own project bag waiting for me to either make some more or do something. I loved learning the stitches. Some were easier than others for me. I am still working on the edging, but should be done soon.

If I remember right you had a pretty cold winter. Wonder what your summer will be like this year? The US had an interesting summer. My area was not as hot as I expected. But, Texas was very hot. Then some places got too much rain, in areas that don’t normally get it. They are still repairing things down in the desert parts of Southern California, from the tropical storm (hurricane Hilary turned into a TS) that went thru.

Dumb question. Does the heat of summer affect your yarn dying? Does it change the process or anything? Absolutely love your colors! Yes, pretty much all your colors!

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@LizB was having technical difficulties and asked me to post this for her. :fk:

Hi there,
I hope you are all keeping well at the moment. I envy you all as you enter Fall and all the lovely crafting you can do in the cooler weather.
I am knitting a new sweater / tee and one of the yoke increases asks for the following:

Step 1: K2, kfbf, lift 1st st of kfbf on RHN up and over the other 2 (net: 1 st
inc), *k3, kfbf, lift 1st st of kfbf on RHN up and over the other 2; rep from * to
last st, k1. 44 stitches increased.

Why the extra stitch and then cast if off? I am hoping one you knitting gurus could explain it to me.

@LizB did you find it ok?


Could they be trying to avoid holes in the work?

She’s gorgeous!


She is, and she KNOWS it! She is such a little diva and we are so happy to have her and her brother in our family. I had two kitties that I got as kittens in 2004 who passed away in 2018 and 2019 and have very much missed having kitties around. Georgiana and Fitzwilliam are litter mates who couldn’t be any more different in looks or personality if they tried! (Aside from their coloring differences, he has a very lithe, delicate build while she is much stockier and he is a cuddle bug who will cuddle for hours and hours with anyone who sits still long enough and is a crazy little loon, while she is much more aloof and only wants cuddles from certain people at certain times and seems like she calculates every move she makes at all times.) However, they do have similarities, such as the fact that they both like to be held like human babies and have their tummies scratched. Now that we have these two little balls of love here, we all feel like our family is complete again. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :cat2: :black_cat: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gee I’m glad you made it home safely. That’s one thing we don’t have down here are coyotes. This winter has been very wet and cold but I am sure summer will be just as hot as ever. dyeing in definityly affected by the inside temps and drying takes way less time - bonus. I hope you make it back soon to zooms.


I knit as per instuctions and I think it gives a texture stitch which looks fine but alot of extra work for one row of texture.
Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and thanks for the help

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Glad you’re okay! Coyotes can be scary.

Long ago now, one nipped at my dog because we had walked too close to her unknown to us den. I was pregnant and my dog ran after her (pretty sure she was trying to lead him away from the den). As soon as I got my dog to come back to me we ran home and I never walked in that area again. I had to comb through all of my dog’s hair to make sure she hadn’t bitten him. I can only imagine how it felt to be near a pack of them.


This is a very well used trail. (by humans) The area also has a well used boat ramp.

It added to an aready stress filled week for sure. I always walk with a legal pepperspray and a personal alarm. However, I didn’t feel like either of them would help me very much if that group catches up to me. So, Later that morning I went to Wally World to buy a small air horn.

I asked a fellow customer who was wondering around looking at stuff while her man was studying a product if she had seen them on the shelves. She said no, but would let me know if she did. I found a store employee and asked her. Got the directions, then headed over to the back wall where they were supposed to be. The fellow shopper was there with one in her hands open. She looked at me, smiled and said, “I found them” then beeped the air horn in my direction. ( I was only about 5 feet away) Oh my word!! That noise will work!!
She wasn’t being mean…she was being silly and said she had never heard one and wanted to know what it sounded like. I told her it will even keep the bad guys away long enough for me to make my next move. Her man thought it was hysterical…the store employee was over by me so fast I couldn’t believe it…and she was not amused.

A few other odd events happened that day. I was very happy to make it to my own bed that night, for sure. Of course…I triple checked the house was locked and secure before I could sleep.

btw…that other customer who found what I was looking for said she carries a can of bear spray to keep the animals and bad guys away. As a side note… In Ca you cannot carry bear spray, or insect spray for personal protection against people. If you are using the insect spray and are attacked by a person and use the spray in that moment…chances are you will be okay.

So much going on out there this October. Pls, stay aware and safe everyone. :mending_heart:


I’m staying at my dad’s, going home on Wednesday - already long ago I ordered a light knitting machine without my husband’s knowledge and it will arrive at my home on Tuesday morning - hopefully my husband has calmed down a little by the time I get home, although I suspect he’ll call me on Tuesday to express his dismay


:star_struck: Did you all see this outfit? They posted it here on Fiberkind hoping to get help with choosing a yarn, and finding patterns to replicate the outfit.


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I love cats. They make life complete for sure.


Congratulations on your new “friend”! What model is the knitting machine?

Two weeks ago, I bought my second knitting machine, which is more advanced than my previous one (a punch card Knitmaster mod 700 + ribber). This new machine allows me to knit fair isle and ribs. I couldn’t be happier!

I hope you enjoy using your knitting machine.


My October’s WIPs are sweater and trousers for my daughter. I quite enjoy this embroidery. As an inspiration I used the Forest Hoodie baby by @ m.k.knit (on Instagram).



thanks - and congratulations on your new “friend”, too

my new one is a Silver Reed LK-150 - I already have a Brother KH270/KR260 bulky - I used to have also a standard gauge machine, but as my eyesight got worse I could no longer manage the small needles

my reasons for going back to a plastic bed simple machine are that it’s so easy to set up and put back into the box when not in use, and that it has more needles (150 vs. 114) so I can knit wider pieces - I also got an intarsia carriage and “needle beetle” which does some simple needle selection and a carriage that can manage two colors in a row


Hi everyone! Yes, I am still alive, and crafting now and then. :heart::heart::heart:. Things have been crazy in my life. I keep saying it will get back to normal, and it doesn’t. :frowning:

Anyway - I finished this quilt top last night - a Halloween feel, but not sure it will be done by then…. We’ll see. It could be very early for next year too. :joy:

I might start a new quilt today. We’ll see how I feel when I get home from work.
I also made (with help) a wizard robe and hat for my son. And while it isn’t perfect, he proudly told me it was better than perfect - it was homemade. I am beyond glowing.


Your son is right, that wizard hat and robe set is awesome! :star_struck:


Looks great @Natalia So, how do you get the back off from around your embroidery? And did you do the embroidery by hand?


Bad news… I got a stomach bug. Either viral or because I went out to eat breakfast at a new to me restaurant. The good news. (I am feeling better. 48hours later) …and, I finished a project this weekend.
A while back I made about 20 Tunisian crochet blocks. (sample blocks as I was learning stitches)
I was determined to sew them together. I had made a simple crochet border to each square when I finished them. So, all I had to do was join them then add a border. Simple mostly invisible join then a simple border. Switching stitches to get the desired effect. It is infant blanket size.

What are you all up to? Any finished projects lately?