Help me find patterns for this all-wool outfit!

Hi knitters,

I’m looking for some help with finding some patterns, as I know nothing about the craft.

My partner is the knitter and got started in the hobby, when she was very young, by her grandma – who selected, spun and knit all natural wool, and won a huge amount of prizes and recognition for her knits. I want something I can give my partner as a gift so she can try her hand at something her grandmother made, especially since she doesn’t have much else to remember her by. I managed to track down pictures a few pieces in The Australian National Wool Museum:

I was hoping to get some links to some patterns that could best represent the pieces in that link – skirt (kilt), jumper, hat (beret), scarf, socks and bag. Maybe even some links to yarn you think might best match what was used?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


I followed the link. The pieces are so beautiful. Wow!
I hope someone can help you track down a pattern or two.

Does anyone know of an equivalent modern yarn?
The article said the garments were made from:
“Outfit is made using hand spun wool from local East Gippsland area, Perendale and Mohair.”

Hi, I can help you with the scarf and the skirt.
From what I can see in the pictures, the scarf is knitted in a 3x1 rib pattern (link for rib The colour pattern is as follows: 2 rows of beige, 10 rows of dark brown, 2 rows of beige, 10 rows of light brown, and repeat as necessary for the desired length. Once the scarf is finished, you will need to crochet vertical lines on every second purl stitch (link here Easily Knit Vertical Stripes using a Crochet Chain - Studio Knit). After that, you’ll need to add tassels (as shown here Harry Potter Hogwarts Gryffindor Scarf Pattern - Leelee Knits).

As for the skirt, I believe it is either a 3x5 or 4x5 rib pattern with the same colour changes as the scarf. Additionally, there should be a vertical beige line in the middle of the purle stitches.
Hope it will help you.


Here’s the sock pattern Splash into Spring / DROPS 238-35 - Free knitting patterns by DROPS Design. Colours change would be: *2 rows of dark brown, 10 rows of grey, 2 rows of dark brown, 10 rows of beige * repeat for the desired length.

As for the yarn, it should have mohair or alpaca in it ( best baby alpaca or kid mohair for softness) + wool, lambswool or merino. It should be fluffy and light. Not sure about brand, as I’m in Europe.


What a heartwarming quest! Your partner is in for a treat. How about exploring some classic wool patterns to capture that nostalgic vibe?

Check out this poly wool blend for a modern twist! Can’t wait to see the magic your partner weaves with those cherished memories.