November 2023

I have started a discussion in the stashdown thread. (here: Looking to 2024. I am trying to decide if we want to keep this challenge going and how to modify it for the future.

Those are so cute!


Welcome! :smile:

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thank you! Im excited to be here.


Thank you!!

That looks so Fallish! I don’t remember Calif. in the Fall, probably because I was away a lot visiting family in Nebraska and Massachusetts, it seems that is when my DH had to go away for schools. Also, that leaves fell off the trees at odd times of the year in SoCal and that it rained and rained and rained in January!
We did a little hiking last weekend to enjoy the color. No pics, though.

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OOOH Ahhhh!! so delicate and pretty!

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So, I really have been doing a little knitting and spinning. You know that meme, “In October: I want to make handmade gifts for all my friends. In December: I have 3 friends.” That’s me.
I have one done. But I am furiously spinning my hand-dyed fiber that I purchased for this purpose, 2 done so far and I think I can possibly get one long and one short Sophie Scarf from each. I have potentially 8 to make.
I’ve just finished hemming 2 pairs of curtains so that is finished and I can move on with my life!!!


We were able to visit the Massachusetts Military Reservation/Joint Base Cape Cod on Veteran’s Day, it’s a very sobering reminder.


Those are BEAUTIFUL! Im still a beginner spinner. Its hard to find the time with 3 little boys

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Welcome @LynnKnits

@PurlgirlButtons SoCal has those powerful Santa Anna winds. Maybe they blew all your leaves away before you could enjoy the fall colors. I remember it being so warm in SoCal on Thanksgiving one year I didn’t freak out when my little one jumped into a kiddie pool to splash around while I was preparing the food. My last thanksgiving down there was covered in ash from a bad fire season. I didn’t complain about the ash that year. We knew several people who had lost everything in the fast moving Cedar fire.

Your spun yarn looks amazing. Will you be able to complete all of those projects without hurting yourself? I know I would be very sore from it all.

Tell us about yourself Lynn :slight_smile:

Im from Vancouver, Washington (Across the river from Portland, OR) but just moved to Minnesota. I was homeschooled. Im the oldest of 5. Im a stay at home mom of 3 boys ages 8, 4,and2. My mom taught me how to crochet when i was 5. I taught myself how to knit when i was 10.I just turned 28 last week. I started a knit group at my church called the fiber bearing women. my Friends back in WA called me the sock queen. I have just in the last year started spinning on my EEW6.


Welcome @LynnKnits! I’m a fairly new spinner, too, started during the lockdown of ‘20 with an EEW nano, now I have :blush:3 Schacht wheels. One was a gift.
I hope you can find some respite from the daily chores and maybe a little bit of inspiration and comeraderie.


Not sure if I will, but I’m pacing myself!

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I get most of my crafting done when my older kids are at school. somehow with moving I have been able to knit 33 pairs of socks. I also make my nieces bday sweaters



The blue yarn looks lovely! Some grey in there?

My kiddo and I visited a local alpaca farm today and it was so fun! We got to pet the alpaca and even dirty they were so soft and the little burbling sounds the cria make are soooo cute! The other farm animals were fun to pet too.


I love the texture on the top of the socks. Is it a slip stitch stitch pattern?