Looking to 2024

I’m wondering if we want to keep going with this, or make some changes. I would like to simplify the record keeping. Maybe go with a personal challenge of x skeins, or yards in a year with us just chatting about our progress or lack thereof. I’d also like to drop the yarn in counting against us. Thoughts??

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I’m good with whatever.
(I was horrible reporting in yards. But, that was completely on me. I wasn’t used to needing to know that info)

What does everyone else want?

On a personal level I like the +/- skeins and balls. I will probably count on my own if we stop the challenge. I am not trying to use up stash necessarily, just not accumulate more than I can use. I am looking forward to announcing to my husband the net change in stash for the year :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I don’t count yards ever.

I would enjoy seeing photo posts of yarn out (WIPs) and yarn in (shopping!) from others. I know that is sometimes in the chatter thread but I think a dedicated forum would be fun to see. Another website used to have groups for LYS fans and I liked seeing people post their shopping, also sharing projects from yarn they bought there. We are a smaller group so one thread would be fine.

I post my results almost every Sunday that I am home. I get pretty busy with my stores so the challenge reminds me to catch up with FiberKind

How would you feel about keeping the +/- but just counting full balls out as 1 and not doing the 1/2 ball =1 and full ball =2. I know the half ball counting has confused many people.

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Hmm. I count a ball whenever I end a project with a partial skein left, or when I use up stash partials. I also count a ball when recycling frogged yarn into a new project.
I guess I think of new yarn as “skeins” and previously used yarn as “balls”
Don’t have a good alternative but I do like patting myself on the back for using up those random leftovers

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As far as I am concerned count any way that works for you. The method we’ve been using has seemed overly complicated to me.

So I’ve been thinking about this, and how much time I really want to spend posting weekly/monthly/yearly group totals. So, what I think I’ll try is set up a few threads, a weekly thread where we can post our weekly progress, but keep the thread all year long. Also a Monthly thread doing the same thing but for anyone wanting to post monthly instead of or in addition to weekly. I personally am not going to count skeins in against my total and each skein is only 1. I never count partials personally.