November 2023

:laughing:oh my goodness, you are The Sock Queen! 33 pairs! And Pairs, not singles! While moving! With three kiddos! Go you! Welcome to FK! :yarn:


Yes it’s an elongated slip stitch. It’s a pattern by the crazy sock lady on Etsy. The rainbow connections

I’ve got at least 2 more pairs to start and finish for Christmas.

Totally. I love watching Football. I am a Packers fan obviously, but I will watch any NFL game. I designate “football projects” that don’t require much looking or counting.

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Welcome @LynnKnits
The upper Midwest is a great place to move. You will love the winters.

Thank you. It’s already so much colder than the PNW and I’m having a hard time believing it’s going to get so much colder. But I am working on a cozy sweater I’m hoping to have finished soon.

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Only hand knit gift this year:
My oldest daughter asked for fingerless mitts

Interweave Knits spring 2023


Wow! this is really cool!

Is it possible to input the files to a program and convert them?
What format are the files saved in specifically?

Lovely handspun :heart:

These are very nice. She is going to absolutely love them.

I have one basic finger-less glove almost finished. Then I need to start on the second one.

Do you have any tricks for staying motivated thru a project where I have to make two of them? (socks, gloves…)

the trick for me is casting on the 2nd one right away. But I knit my socks on 9in circs


Learn 2-at-a-time method?

I have learned to do it that way. Yarn management is an issue, but there are tips and tricks out there for that too.

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@Char I do two at a time sleeves.
I do the easy parts of socks two at a time but it is tricky when it is a complicated stitch pattern
@hereami about all that motivates to do two mittens me is a deadline :joy:


Yeah! We do have legitimate cozy sweater weather!

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Looks like there’s been some kind of update. No wonder I couldn’t get in earlier.

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Yeah, I did some routine updates today while I had a few brain cells available. :slightly_smiling_face:

To make up for it, here’s my favorite Thanksgiving safety information…


We’ve all been sick at my house. My brother went down almost 2 weeks ago, then my sons and I went down about a week ago. My brother is now functional, my oldest and I are about half-steam, but my youngest is still down flat. So my oldest and I are working on getting the turkey and pies prepped today so we can just stick stuff in the oven tomorrow. My other brother, sister, and sister-in-law took over as much as possible so the sickies could get better and enjoy the day. We’re doing good, I’m just hoping my youngest feels well enough to at least participate a bit tomorrow. The worst thing has been just feeling totally exhausted so while I was curled up in bed with the kitties I worked on my Christmas socks when I could. I actually finished them yesterday and I am so happy with them! The colors are MUCH prettier in person, the pic doesn’t do them justice at all, but you get the idea. I have enough of both left over that I am going to make some Ugly Duckling socks too so I’ll have 2 pair of Christmasy socks!


I was wondering the same thing :wink:

I hope you are feeling better today!!!