November 2023

Hey - I actually started November on November 1!!! :slight_smile:

Today I made a cover for a mini composition notebook - it was fun. I’m enjoying learning making things “in the hoop”, meaning it is done in the embroidery hoop. They turn out much better than it I had created them with the sewing machine…. :slight_smile:


@Char that is a great cover.

I am torn between ‘I can’t believe it’s November already’ and ‘wow, November feels good’ .
Makes taking walks a bit more…invigorating.

November used to mean I would get a bit more serious about watching sports on tv. Do you all watch sports in the fall? Have a favorite team?

When I was in high school we watched the San Francisco 49ers almost religiously. And then the Oakland A’s baseball team. I finally asked my mom why we watched or were fans of teams from opposite sides of the bay. San Francisco also had a baseball team. (the giants) She said it probably had to do with who was doing well that year or series of years.
That makes since. The 80’s had some great games and rivalries over here.


It’s Friday!!! Did anyone finish anything this week?

It’s also zoom day. I’ll be on after my hair appointment. Looking forward to seeing everyone. My life is indisputably crazy.


WE are originally from Michigan and still follow the Detroit/Michigan teams. Lions, Tigers, Red Wings . This year it is especially fun following the Lions.


I don’t intentionally follow sports any more, but if there’s a 49ers game on I know who I’m rooting for. My mom bought me a 49ers dress when I was little, and that kind of thing tends to make an impression on you :slight_smile:


A bit of medieval manuscript reproduction practice. This is an initial from the Book of Kells done in gouache on vegetable parchment.

The original is much much smaller.


I did very little crafting yesterday. Went for a hike with my hubby. The elevation difference was amazing. Drove from basically sea level up to 4k feet. Hiked down a forestry road, surprised to see the lake and had to hike down to it. …no trail for that. Then we hiked back up to 4k feet.

Saw lots of mushrooms, signs of deer, wild cat and possibly bear. also saw squirrels, birds and a chipmunk. It was so wonderful to be out in the quiet of the forest surrounded by fall colors. We made it back before the storm clouds could cover us completely.

Did you all craft this weekend?


I actually didn’t craft much, but spent the weekend organizing my embroidery files. Organized the digital files, as well as printed a picture of each one so I can browse easier. It was a task, but I am glad I did it. Now to finish putting the printouts into page protectors and sorted into binders :slight_smile:


That is a huge project. I bet you are glad that is done.
I find it easier to organize my paper things.
On the computer I can easily loose where I put something. Just happened the other day, because I something got listed under screenshots, when I thought it should be in recent downloads and under the name I named it.


I used to log all my craft projects on my pc, and stored the files on a memory stick. Then I upgraded my pc and found that the software I used to create the journal, Microsoft Works, was no longer available as a download and though I have tried various solutions I have been completely unable to open the files on my new pc. I even spent over £150 on a lifetime sub to Microsoft 365, thinking that surely they would make it compatible with their own previous software - silly old me, then! Years of work lost (not to mention several other files I had created, which included my transcript of my mother’s handwritten notes on her life that I found after her death in 2019). I honestly could have cried. So I bought some paper journals and my current projects are all recorded in those. They take up more room but nobody is going to wipe those out with a software update!


The park looks beautiful!

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So true! Technology can be so wonderful and sooooo awful at the same time.

I tend to rely on paper and utilize digital as a convenience for crafty stuff, and escapist reading.


That picture is of the logging/forestry road. Absolutely amazing hike.
I was too out of breath and trying not to get lost on the hike backup the steep side of the hill toward my car to remember to take a picture. But,it was just as lovely.

The only part sore on my body are my knees. So, I have to be careful this week. I don’t want to be stuck at home under ice packs till next summer.
“Escapist reading” reminded me of a story my daughter just told me. She just flew in an airplane for the first time. Was a bit nervous, so looked around. There was an older couple, maybe 70ish seated near her. The gentleman sat relaxed and eyes closed. His wife opened her ‘smut book’ and began reading before they could taxi down the runway. My daughter called it that…but was giggling at the sight of the grandma self medicating or escaping her nerves. LOL…

@Lemming13 I would have cried at the loss of those family papers. :mending_heart:

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:baby_chick: I am going to be a grandma for the 1st time. Woo Hoo.

What have you all made that you enjoyed making and was well received. (used)

I have a while before the baby arrives.



Well, a quilt would be awesome, of course.

I think one of my favorite items I received for a new born was a swaddling blanket. It had a little pouch to stick the baby in, maybe waist down? It had Velcro flaps like elephant ears to create a nice swaddling blanket. My kids loved it.


I have done christening shawls, baby blankets, and lots of little cardigans, jumpers, bootees and so on; I think the best received was a layette I made in a lemon and white popcorn design, with a blanket, hat, jacket and bootees. At the moment, though, I really like making loveys, I just finished one with a bunny and the baby’s two year old sibling is now getting one with a lamb.


The last couple days I’ve been working on snowflakes…. I don’t really want to see the real snowflakes this early, though.

I usually make something small for the firefighters for Christmas. I am thinking these and a few homemade cookies will be the offering this year. :slight_smile: I’m using a “wash away stabilizer so in the end it looks very lacy.

. The gray is actually a very pretty silver.

I’m having fun playing with them. I had trouble for a bit - my thread kept breaking. I think I discovered the needle size was just too small. Increased the needle and no issues.


These are really neat! Amazing what these machines can do!

Nice of you to think of your firefighters!


They are “my guys”. :slight_smile:

It is a hectic week for me here. Our town hall is finally “done”. We’re moving Wednesday. Fun times :slight_smile:

I’ll be so glad when it is done,


@Char Those are so lovely. The firefighters are going to love them.

:us: Happy Belated Veterans Day to all our Veterans on FiberKind. (Thank you)
We celebrated by doing what my Veteran wanted to do. A hunting trip/hike in the mountains.
It was my first time out hunting. Since we didn’t find what we were looking for out there it was really a long, and very silent hike.

This time we went further up the Mormon Emigrant trail and found a bit of left over snow and lots of fire damage from the Caldor fire that swept thru a couple of years ago. Very sad to see the devastation and destruction left over. There are fresh signs of animals in the area though.