November 2022

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

We are having a very quiet day, just dh and myself for the day, with ds1 coming out of his bedroom for lunch and then hiding away again afterwards. Summer (dog) and I did have some great Fetch in this very warm day outside though !

Lunch is a precooked smoked turkey breast that is currently warming in the oven. The last potatoes form my garden, some carrots from the garden as well… stove top stuffing of course, and I also made some deviled eggs and some wrapped pickles (just cream cheese and corned beef).

I am also going to do the Turkey Trot 2022 from MarlyBird. She has knitting, crochet, and tunisian versions of this free pattern released over 4 days starting today. She removes the pattern in early December, but I figure it will be fun and I can save what I need so that I don’t get stuck without directions if I don’t finish!


Here is Day 1 for both the knitting and crochet versions of the Marly Bird Turkey Trot KAL/CAL


I was thinking about doing her along this year. Yesterday just wasn’t a good day for me to start anything.

Is the knit version a closed circle?

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Yes, the knit version starts with 266 stitches in a circle, but you start decreasing right away.



Late Thanksgiving wishes to everyone. I was very busy, 2 children with spouses and 6 grandchildren kept me occupied. Made dinner for all, my daughter and son did help. I made my daughter deal with any dish that had gluten :slight_smile: I think we used every spoon in the house!


Our dessert was gluten and dairy free! It was made with a homegrown Tetsukabuto squash, coconut milk, eggs and maple syrup. Topped with CoCo whip and pecans toasted with cinnamon and sugar. Since it’s a vegetable, it’s good for you!!


I know it’s too early to really tell. But, @Spice2s do you have a favorite design yet? The crochet or the knit?

I rounded up enough worsted weight to and the supplies for the knit. I just need to decide to jump in and try it.

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I got Day 2 of the crochet pattern done late last night, but haven’t gone past day 1for the knitting pattern.

The knitting pattern actually gives you two completely different choices. One is texture based, and the other is a stranded colorwork option. I think I’m going to go with the stranded color work option … but I haven’t started Day 2 on that yet.

Day 3 of the Crochet seems fairly short today, so once I get that done, I will jump over to the Knit version … I will have to make decisions by then of what I want to do.

The crochet version is more geometric / mosaic. I chose Red Black and white, so it’s very contrasting ! Hope I can find someone who likes red black and white to wear it, as that is usually my problem making these items. I can make it, but finding someone who wants to use it is a totally different story.

Have you jumped in yet @hereami ??

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That is beautiful, and very creative.


Just finished day 3 of the turkey trot cal…

Now off to work on day 2 of the knit one.


Not wild about card exchanges but I do have some cards for causes up on Zazzle. For those who don’t know how Zazzle works–everything is “normally” overpriced, and everything goes on sale for a day or a night, every week or two. If you let Zazzle send you e-mail you’ll know when cards go on sale, and can pounce. Cards are a category that goes on sale quite often.

Not yet. I was listening and she said to use a worsted that was on the thinner side. Mine is thicker…so now I have doubt.

I am using a dk/sport … 273 yards / 100 grams for the knit pattern It’s Nako Elit Baby Muare and Knit Picks Brava Sport. - still using Size 6 needles though. I chose the stranded knit pattern, and the fabric is plenty thick with the extra strands on the back. I might have gone up a needle size or two and reduced the pattern repeat if I had known how thick it was going to be, as I tend to prefer lighter weight knits.

If you want to do the knit version, and have a thicker yarn, I would definitely go with the Holidate version, which uses color blocks and textures instead of stranded colorwork in Painted Leaf version.

and Knit Picks Brava Worsted 218 yards / 100 grams for the crochet version.

Both seem to be working fine. Although I haven’t measured the knit one yet. The crochet version seems to be pretty close.


I’ve spent the last few days doing all my Christmas shopping online - using the Fiberkind affiliate links whenever I could! I do enjoy the convenience of online shopping. Even though my daughter, SIL and grandson will be here for Christmas, they have to take their gifts home on an airplane. My SIL will only be getting paper pictures of his gifts. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to try to take a knife set home on an airplane! I had his knife set and big cutting board shipped to their house and my daughter promised to hide it until after Christmas. I’m worn out from sitting in a chair shopping for two days. I need some knitting time!