May 2023 Chatter

A few more details: This is the #10 Wild Pansy project out of Trish Burr’s Needle Painting Embroidery: Fresh Ideas for Beginners. It’s worked in Anchor stranded floss on cotton sateen. I regret having used this sateen as it’s a little too lightweight to support the embroidery without making large holes; a heavier sateen would probably be fine. Next time I’ll use a high quality linen. I opted to focus on completion rather than perfection since this has been in progress so long. There are some minor details which I would otherwise have preferred to have taken out and redone.

I used Mary Corbet’s Long and Short Stitch Lessons Index – to initially learn needle painting – you can see my sampler at Embroiderer's Progress Quilt Block 52: Long and Short Sampler. This will be another block in my embroidered quilt. I should work on getting my backlog of FOs added to it…

My next “complex” project may be the next lesson in Trish Burr’s book, or it might be an experiment with a silk painted ground. I might not have enough of the thread I want to use for the silk project, so I’ll figure it out later.


For some reason I got switched from Watching this to Tracking, so I hadn’t seen all these lovely projects or the latest on the hummingbirds - I think my cat may have changed the setting, he sits on my hands and occasionally likes to prod the keyboard. He’s out now, thank goodness for sunny days.
I finished my Pokemon for the month of May; another rubbish photo, but here we are - Glaceon.


A freshly dressed slate frame is an accomplishment in itself.


I agree with @Wyogal …wow! So impressive!




Is this an as alternative to the hoops to pull the cloth tight for embroidery? Or for something entirely different? (As you see, I don’t know what a slate frame is)


I think you are right @knit2PSquare This is the first time I have seen a slate frame.

I would like to make a stand up frame for my cross stitch.
Does anyone have suggestions for a favorite or most practical one?

I would like it to sit on the ground, so I can cross stitch at rib cage level. I would like it to be as lightweight as possible so that I can move it around according to my lighting needs. (Current wip needs to be back lit. )

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Yes, it’s the very best way to get drum-tight tension on a piece, which is important for goldwork. Takes a while, but the result is worth it. I still use a hoop or tacks in a wooden frame for some other pieces.

@hereami , there’s a good list of floor stands at Navigating Needlework Floor Stands – Which One is Right for You? – , which may be inspirational. For what it’s worth, I use an adjustable table stand (homemade, heavily inspired by the Needlework System 4 stand) and positionable light. It lets me keep my feet up under the table, to conserve my energy, and is still height-adjustable.


I knit both seasons but very different projects. I love the darkness and quiet of winter and stay up late knitting by the wood stove to enjoy it (also knitting with football). I knit more complex and warm things in winter.
I also love summer because I belong outside! Every day I try to sit on my front patio and knit. I have a little radio and listen to baseball out there. Summertime knitting is portable and minimal need to look at patterns due to the wind.


Thank you.
I do like the stand you used for inspiration on your custom stand.

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Next needlepainting project on high quality linen. This time the pattern transfer was done with fountain pen ink and a very fine brush. I really like this method even though you can see some bleeding in places where too much ink hit the fabric.

I also added a shot of my custom stand. It won’t win any beauty contests but it works quite well – I can adjust the forward tilt as needed for comfort, and the clamp assembly pivots 360 degrees for easy access to the back of the work. I’m still refining the design – next up is adding the ability to pull the work forward or backward so I don’t have to get my chair positioned just so.


Nice! Thank you for the pictures.

Also…love your Needle Minder. Those are on my to buy list.

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Our Monthly chatter has been kinda quiet this month.
Have you all been busy working on projects?

I have my quilt layered and pinned. Ready to be sewed together.
I also weighed out and wound up my yarn to finish the teen crochet blanket. To meet the 50x90inch size requirement I have a while to go. Maybe the equivalent of 5 more skeins. Which was donated to me last year…so I won’t have to add to my stash.

What are you all working on?


I’ve been busy working on outside crafty projects. I’ve been doing fun projects like spray painting water jugs yellow to make cucumber beetle traps. Then I used a hot glue gun to make holes in the jug, put soapy water in the bottom of the jug and tied it to a stake in my garden. Cucumber beetles are supposed to be really attracted to yellow. I haven’t caught any yet but maybe they aren’t out yet. We’ll see what happens when I plant their favorite food - which is not cucumbers. They LOVE Blue Hubbard squash which I will be planting to lure them away from my green beans.


I have been so frantically working on the stuff I am making for my niece’s coming baby that I haven’t spent a ton of time online lately. She was due at the end of June, but she is having problems so she is currently scheduled to have her C-section on the 17th, with the possibility of having to go in sooner if things change. So, I have been working as fast as I can to get it all done by the middle of next week, just in case!
The hats for Dad, Mom, Big Brother, and New Baby are done.

There is a blanket and sweater (made of cotton/bamboo so he can actually wear it in the summer weather before he is too big for it!)

I am also making a stuffed Grogu doll for Big Brother, who is absolutely obsessed with the character. The doll is the final item and isn’t done yet, but here is his face.

Mom and Dad are also very much in love with the Star Wars universe. When I asked my niece whether she wanted something more traditional baby layette-themed, or something fun or quirky, she requested a Star Wars themed item, which is why everyone is getting Yoda/Grogu hats. :grin: Now, I need to get back to the doll, because my sister called this afternoon to tell me that my niece had some more contractions so I am running out of time! :scream:


Amazing work! They are going to love them.


@Char :gift_heart:

Missing you. Hope all is well.
How are the quilts coming along?


Heard from Char. She is fine. It’s her son’s graduation weekend and she’s busy doing family stuff.


Thank you @lovestostitch
@Char I’m glad you are ok :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your sons graduation!


I have been busy putting in my garden. All done now and into maintenance. There is never enough time in the day, is there.

I’m thinking of crocheting some potholders. I have some store bought ones that are about worn out.
The potholders I crocheted 60+ years ago are still great. I have some cotton around here somewhere. I can do colors to go with my kitchen hopefully.