May 2023 Chatter

It’s May and I’m eager for some warmer temperatures! Tonight is looking like it might be the last cold night - 34 tonight. Tomorrow is the day to clear the basement of plants. My family room is full of plants too since nights have been so cold I couldn’t even leave them in our glassed in porch. Come on Spring!

I went shopping for epoxy wood filler today and tomorrow I start filling in the damaged areas on the headboard and footboard I got. Then it gets assembled into a bench.


@Char - will you please delete this thread? It’s so weird. I looked earlier and could not find a May 2023 thread so I started one. Then I come back and I see there is one. It was hiding from me!

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I saw the May chatter thread a couple of days ago, not as a notification but saw that there was something in the drop down that showed something unread so I followed it but I haven’t seen it in a couple of days. It’s weird that it isn’t showing up in my notifications.

Actually, I think the other May chatter is under community wide events instead of under community chatter which is probably why it is “hidden” from our regular view :thinking:

Ahh, yes. It was hard for me to find it again. That explains it.

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I’m hoping for Spring - we still have the occasional below-freezing temperatures during the night

I think we have passed the point of cold weather. My 10 day forecast looks good!

Is anyone knitting today? I’ve been casting on projects this week in advance of my upcoming trip so that I will have the right needles, etc. I started a sweater, a pair of socks, and plan to cast on another pair of socks today.


Today, I was hoping to be finishing the baby sweater I am making for my niece’s second child, who should be making his appearance in mid-June. Instead, I got to frog it and then locate different yarn and a different pattern, because this one is NOT working out. I know it wasn’t an issue of my gauge being wrong because the sleeves came out the perfect size, while the body was sized for a 3 to 6-month-old but was big enough that it would have fit an 18 to 24-month-old! That was fixable, but when I got to the raglan decreases at the shoulders I realized that the pattern was even more jacked up than I originally thought. As I had no desire to rewrite the pattern, I decided to just find another one. It wasn’t too big a problem because I was also concerned about the yarn being too heavy for a June baby. I am now fairly confident that the new pattern and yarn will not only be season-appropriate but will also actually come out as a sweater that will fit the child before he is 2 years old and not require me to rewrite the whole thing! While I am waiting for the new yarn to arrive, I am working on adapting a baby blanket pattern to match the overall theme of the set. I have finished the hats for the new baby, his older brother, my niece, and her husband, and will share the pics of them so you get an idea of what I’m doing. I am thinking I will just take a hooded baby blanket and make the hood the same green as the hats and the rest of it tan so it is like a Baby Yoda wrap for baby. I was hoping for a Yoda lovey, but I can only find crochet ones and I don’t know that I am up to attempting to create one from scratch.

Baby’s hat
Older brother’s hat
Mom’s hat
Dad’s hat
(my head form is toddler-sized and Dad has a REALLY big head, so it looks especially funny on the form.)


I love planning out my projects for a trip!
Packing my knitting bag is more fun than my suitcase.

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I didn’t even see this one. I’ve asked @HeatherAthebyneAdmin if she can merge the two :wink: If not, I’ll delete the other one.


Hello and happy May! It is 39 degrees this morning and doesn’t feel much like spring. :frowning: I hope this finds you well!!!


@Char After a rather warm week, we get to enjoy some cool weather. We hit about 90 degrees a few times last week and this week will only get into the 60’s-70’s with some rain and snow for the mountains.

The garden is growing. I am working on two projects. My spring fling blanket and sewing together my jean quilt squares.

I am hoping to get some already cut fabric squares from a person who no longer needs them. Then I can make more blankets for a charity group I belong to.

I need to update a few things here on Fiberkind. It’s easy…i just have to do it.
My book reading list numbers and How the garden is doing. I was able to update my stashdown numbers this weekend.

:fireworks:May has lots to celebrate in it.
the 4th is star wars related
the 5th is Cinco de Mayo
the 14th is Mothers Day
the 29th is Memorial Day

Have I forgotten anything? Throw in work, gardening, birthdays, graduations, funerals and crafting and we should be a busy bunch.


Well, in the Catholic Church, we are still celebrating Easter! We also dedicate May in a special way to the Virgin Mary. Today is the memorial to St. Joseph the Worker. There are lots of smaller feasts/memorials, but the big one for the month are:
May 21: Ascension
May 28: Pentecost
May 29: Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of the Church
May 31: The Visitation

That is so much to celebrate, I never feel like I do it properly! :slight_smile:


Well, probably not much to anyone outside the UK and Commonwealth, but Charles III is getting crowned on 6th May; today is also Staffordshire Day, so we are celebrating with our local favourite dish - oatcakes (filled with bacon and eggs in my case). And it’s World Bee Day on the 20th.


Ah, I forgot! Since my husband is British, we will probably be doing something for the Coronation. Thanks for the reminder!


I’m UN-celebrating jury duty.
It seems I’ve been called upon for this civic duty more than my fair share of times.
Lots of interesting stories, but enough already.


I have served on a couple juries… an interesting, but not always fun time.

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@Lemming13 I think of oatcakes as the biscuits served with cheese. What are the oatcakes you are describing?

Also, what are you doing for World Bee Day? :slight_smile:


Our oatcakes are a sort of savoury pancake using oatmeal flour. You pour the batter on a griddle to cook them but the finished item can be kept a few days and reheated, then filled with your choice of pretty much anything. traditionally it’s bacon, egg, cheese, sausage or mushrooms, though many locals like it with curry or chili. I didn’t cook my own, btw - my son lives by a canal and a barge regularly visits which cooks and sells oatcakes while you wait, and it was there yesterday so I made sure to be there too. Big queues, but worth it.

For Bee Day this year I’m doing species survey of bees in my garden, and noting which are the most popular flowers; I’m also replacing my old bee hotel as it is somewhat dilapidated now, and eating oatcakes with honey (yes, they go with sweet fillings too). may even sip a glass of mead…

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