What are you knitting?

I ordered some sock yarn from England - WYS in the colorway Robin. I love the way it is knitting up.

Meanwhile my youngest grandson asked where his are and I’m trying to finish DH’s sweater vest in shetland wool.

What are you knitting? I have an FO I need to post in the other thread but need to get pictures.


I am knitting the Snow zone hat in the test knit area.

I am also knitting some of the Wool and the Gang leopard print socks. I am not exactly following the pattern - I really didn’t want to do the afterthought heel, but - I think they are turning out just fine:

I also have an advent scarf I will finish someday. Maybe by next Christmas. Lol




I’m working on a Beren shawl:

The yarn is an odd collection of handspun. The white is silk hankies, the black is a wool/alpaca blend, and the purple is spun from dyed KP Gloss wool/silk top. The unblocked shape of the shawl is a bit weird, but there’s enough stretch that it should come out okay.


Thanks for sharing. I love, love what you are both doing. Char what yarn are you using for the hat? Heather - I love your yarn and was glad you described it (but a little sad that I can’t run out and buy it!)

I’m determined to knit the yarn I have before buying more but I’m not really inspired by most of it. Must KNIT!!

The hat is Brava Sport. The dark is “camel”, then white and cream. It is very soft yarn. I am also making a blanket with it. Guess I should post a pic here! Lol

Here is the blanket I am making with brava sport. This is the jewel version of the hue shift afghan. I totally intend to make it someday… lol


Oops - this isn’t knitting though. Guess I can still post here.

So - what is in your stash you are trying to be inspired by? Maybe we can help!

Of course you can!

I have been working on a sweater from Rosemary Drysdale’s Enterlac. It’s really more of a shawl with the sides sewn up. I made socks to match it first so now I’m committed, hahaha! Anyway, this is what I have so far

2020-01-21 20.15.28.jpg

beautiful! What are the yarn details?

I like the colors, is that self striping or are you switching colors?

@Rose the Rebel I am switching colors. :slight_smile: it is Brava Sport from Knit picks - the Hue Shift Jewel colors.

I look forward to seeing progress pictures!!

This so beautiful!!

Gorgeous colors, so rich! I know you said it was crochet, is it a shell pattern?

This shawl is a favorite pattern called Multnomah Shawl. I love the feather and fan, ripple effect. I’m using an undyed fingering weight along with a dyed yarn from A Homespun House, dyed by Molly’s sister Amy and created for their Overdose Awareness fundraiser. the color was a surprise for those purchasing it; as I wasn’t prepared for something so dark, I decided I needed to combine it with the undyed yarn to kind of soften it. I also see the dark and light as a kind of metaphor, drugs creeping into the lightness of life. I know so few families that have NOT been affected by drug addiction in some way, including my own. I have a half-brother who became addicted to heroin in his late teens, early twenties. I didn’t grow up with him so didn’t know him well but I think of him along with many others when I work on this. His death 20 years ago was drug-related and we think he took his own life. happily, I know of many success stories!



@Sings4joy I am using this pattern (with my own sequencing):


This is beautiful!!! I love how the undyed yarn makes the other pop!

Very pretty and meaningful!