Tunisian Crochet Hooks

Tunisian crochet hooks come in as many varieties as traditional hooks.

Straight hook (usually metal) - much like a straight knitting needle with a stopper on the end.
Double Ended hook - a straight shaft with the same size hook at each end. (normally used for working in the round)
Cabled hook - again, much like cabled knitting needles. Most are interchangeable.

Ultimately the choice depends on personal preference & budget

Here’s just a few I found for reference. All the hooks below can be found on Amazon (use the affiliate link! :wink:)
[IMG2=JSON]{“data-align”:“none”,“data-size”:“full”,“src”:“https://fiberkind.com/t.ly/rGqz”}[/IMG2][TABLE=“border: 1, cellpadding: 1, width: 600”]
[TD]Straight Hooks -

		Budget set can run $8 - $25[/TD]

[TD]Double Ended hooks -

		Sets run $10 - $50

		Knit Picks Double Ended Crochet Hook Set $9.99[/TD]

[TD]Unbranded Budget set $13.99[/TD]
[TD]Denise Interchangeable Set $49.95

		(I have 2 sets for double-ended stitching)[/TD]

[TD]Knitter’s Pride Bamboo Interchangeable $42.72[/TD]

What a great resource, thanks for sharing.

An observation from my experience; if there had been something other than bamboo years ago, I would have gotten them instead. Even though they are smooth, they just don’t work as nicely as the metal or plastic ones do. I had to actually work to move the yarn instead of it gliding along. I use a lot of cotton so this may have been a factor but if I were to buy again, I would find the extra $7 and go with the Denise set.

I completely agree. My first set was the bamboo with tube style cables. They were awful. I have 2 sets of Denise and love them. I had one hook that would never click in to place and they were great to replace it. You can also buy extra hooks and cables individually as you would with any interchangeable knitting needles.

I still have that bamboo set with the tube cables. I’m not sure why they didn’t go with everything else but the one I used the most has the tube glued on. They are in my “museum”.

Oh one other thing to think about, I “wasted” money on both straight hooks and double ended before realizing they are very limiting in the number of stitches you can comfortably fit on them. If you want to make things out of panels that you stitch them together, they are fine. If you want to make anything larger, you’ll find yourself needing some with cables and a decision on whether to dust the straight/double ended ones or not. :wink:

I love reading the reviews of various things. I thought I would add mine. I wasn’t much for the plastic hooks. They kind of felt “bendy” in my hands, and I like something firmer. I tried the Knitters Pride Dreamz - I love these. If you are interested in trying before buying, you can also buy individuals. If you have their knitting interchangeable set, you can just add a crochet tip. Or buy one tip and cable without the whole kit.

Knitters Pride Dreamz (this is a search result - I definitely like the Dreamz over the bamboo)

I agree with you @Char I really like the Kniiter’s Pride Dreamz over others I’ve tried.

I’m a convert. I tried the Denise hooks and the Addi one-click. Neither worked well for me so I tried the Dreamz. Nice sharp tips with a sharp hook to grab the yarn with and a deep throat. Nicely coated so the yarn glides along. No sore wrists - at least yet. The hook tip itself is a little longer than what I’m used to and the shortest cable is still too long but those are just things to adapt to.

@TeaNSugar and @KnitsWithHorses - here is a review of hooks. Thought you might be interested :slight_smile:

@Char Thanks. So far I think I’ve narrowed my decision down to either the Dreamz or Denise set.

I had read this and was kinda glad my original order went astray. I have actually ordered a couple of individual KPs and a set of cables. :grin: Not committing that much money to a set without trying them but Amazon had individuals. Just ordered it this morning but they should arrive pretty quick.

@KnitsWithHorses - how fun! I am glad you have some on the way. I have found myself wanting a couple extra of my favorite size in anticipation of double ended Tunisian.

@TeaNSugar, @KnitsWithHorses I’m really curious to see how you like them once you’ve given them a go.

@pinesprairie I have some of the knitting needles so I know that they are very nice to hold and work with. I am looking for a “just right” hook that pushed through the stitch easily and grabs the yarn easily. I’m excited to try them. :blush:

For some reason Amazon sent the Knitters Pride Dreams Hooks separate from the cables… well the cables arrived today but the hook won’t be here till tomorrow “by 9 pm.” I thought i was going to get to try them out when I got home but it was just a tease! :sob:

Oh no!!! On the plus side, the cables actually arrived… :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you got your cables, now lets hope your hooks arrive on time.

It says “out for delivery” by 7:15 now. :grin:


Shipping is so odd these days! Glad to hear you’ll get them today. I hope you like them!