The Traveling Afghans

Hi Fiberkind Friends- I just stumbled across this. This KAL looks cool. I’m debating about participating as it kicked off in January, and I’d have to play catch up. It is a mystery KAL with designers selected from around the world. Lion Brand yarn is involved. Looks fun. Is anybody doing it? Maybe there was a thread about this, and I missed it?

This sounds really fun! I may have to play catch-up!

Oh! This looks fun. I could certainly put this into the community events section if you would like! As far as catching up, it seems like it wouldn’t be too bad at this point. There’s only four blocks released on the crochet, three on the knit side (waiting on the 4th to arrive?)

YAY! I am trying to decide what yarn to use. :slight_smile:

Ok if I have a partner in crime I will try to play catch up with you @PurlgirlButtons @Char LOL. Need to run out and pick yarn quick!!! And yes Char I wasn’t sure where on here it should go so please organize as needed;)

This looks like an amazing MAL! I might have to do this as crazy as it is for me to take it on. I seem to be collecting UFO’s…

@PurlgirlButtons @FreedomLover @chrisz - I moved the topic here :slight_smile:

I know! It looks really fun. I don’t know how I didn’t know about it. I’m printing the first pattern today and starting tonight. Join if you can!

Perfect thanks @Char!

Day 1 and I’m already “cheating.” I want to use stash, too, and have a bunch of bright (really bright) Plymouth Encore that I bought to make a baby blanket. All my stash Wool-Ease is blah colors, which is why it is still in my stash. :slight_smile: It’s February, I need color!

I wouldn’t call that cheating - I would call that joining in on the 2020 Stashbusters group as well! LOL

Sounds great! I hear you about color this time of year! Though I did select a neutral. Can’t wait to see a pic!

So, I decided to go with the crocheted version, at least to begin with, as I am trying to resurrect my crochet skills. I have forgotten how sometimes it is hard to get the right size when you are making blocks. It’s so much easier to whip out a one-piece afghan! So that is my learning curve. I will post pics, soon, but you may need sunglasses as the yarn is BRIGHT! Please be kind, I haven’t crocheted in a while…

@PurlgirlButtons I don’t know any crochet so I’m going to be happy to see your work! Good luck.

I started knitting. I finished the first square in no time. The second square has several stitches that I’m not familiar with so it is much slower and I have already messed it up. This one is proving to be really difficult. I’m thinkin of skipping it for now moving to square three to keep my momentum going. Later I can come back and reattempt or replace it with something easier. Not sure…

I can’t wait to see your pictures! @chrisz how big are the squares?
@PurlgirlButtons have you started yet?

I am debating on starting. I really want to finish a couple projects before I start another. But - I am pretty good at “catching up”, so that is Ok.

@Char I only have the first one done. It measures 8X8. I think the guidelines on this KAL say they are supposed to be 10’ squares but I didn’t swatch and I believe I’m a fairly tight knitter not to mention my yarn selection I think is playing a role. I selected Lion Brand Feels Like Butta. I figured since it is a blanket I wanted it soft and it really is soft! I’m fine with it coming out off. The first one was really quick!

Hi @chrisz , Mine were small also, and I’m feeling like it’s going to be an ongoing problem. I think I am going to shoot for more like 9". Crochet sure does seem to suck up a lot of yarn!

IMG_1297 (2).JPG


IMG_1296 (1).JPG

I knit square 1 and 4, 2 and 3 weren’t my cup of tea. I’ll probably knit 4 again in a different color, I really enjoyed it. People in the sock knitting group will recognize these paws, they belong to my German Shepherd.


Well hello again Laurel! :-). What other colors will you use?

So far I have blue to add from stash and I plan to add more blues and greens and maybe another cream. I haven’t bought any yarn for this and am just starting with leftovers.