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I have a tub I throw all my scraps and non-luxury leftovers in. It’s near overflowing. I’ll make mats for the local cat shelter until I grow weary of working on them. I give it another 3 days or so.


I love these!!! How big do you make them? Single layer or double?

These are 16" x 10". They fit nicely in the carrier for vet visits. I double & sometime triple my yarns to get to an Aran weight. The Tunisian simple stitch gives it quite a bit of cushion. I use a K-6.5 mm hook.

Neat idea! And in entrelac as well!

My first FO this year. It’s a birthday present for my mum-in-law.
Stash: -86 g
Yarn: Lambswool 2/24 in 7 threads, colour white
Needles: 3.5 mm, 4 mm



How pretty!

Very pretty! Did you use a pattern you can share?

@TexasPurl Thank you!

@knitter131 Thank you! Yes, she likes it!

@Char Thank you! I didn’t use any pattern.

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Great idea and thanks for the stats on what you did. This is a great idea to try out a new pattern too. How many new patterns have a I tried (full size) only to stop partway and add it to the WIP bin! I like this idea a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

Hats are my favorite stashbusting projects. That and mittens. Actually I guess I mean left over stash!! Both from Add Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns



Very nice!

Well done!!

Beautiful! I make hats with leftovers as well.


Very nice!

I’ve officially started my 2021 Temperature blanket. Hoping to use up some of my oldest stash. I hardly ever use my WW acrylic stash like Red Heart that has been around for years because I get so wrapped up in all the sock yarn and hand dyed etc. I’m hoping I’ll use up several skeins on this blanket. I’m not being super picky about the colors. If I run out of one light olive green etc I’ll just use another one whether it’s a perfect match or not.
I’m just doing a basic stockinette stitch with garter edges. It doesn’t look like it but that’s 210 stitches.