Spin de Fleece 2021 - Prize Donations

[SIZE=16px]Hi all!

We are working on the guidelines for this year, and it will probably be a little bit different. However, we do want to offer prizes! If you are willing to donate a prize to the tour this year, please post here with a photo of what you are willing to donate.

We will have you send direct to the winner when the prize is awarded.
If you are unable to do that, you can arrange to send the prize to me (private message me) and I can send it to the final recipient.[/SIZE]

I will donate a 4-ounce braid of fiber. Not sure which dyer, but I will let you know when I nail it down.

Wonderful! Thank you.

I will be donating a drawstring bag.

Which one is yet to be determined. I’ll try to get a picture as it closer to sdf.

I just want to confirm my intent to send a braid. I will attempt to arrange a purchase with a hold to be sent directly to the winner at the end of the Spin.

I will also donate a pair of folding scissors :slight_smile:

I will donate a tote of some sort. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Char !

Finally getting back on FK–I will donate a braid of fiber as well. So good to see the interest!

Update 6/21/21: Can I edit my post and change my prize donations? I have two that I would like to donate.

One is a “like new” book from Ebay–the Spinner’s Book of Fleece! I found 2 of them for sale from the same seller at a very good price, so I bought one for myself and one to donate. If it’s okay to donate a “like new” book (which I have found IS often a new book), I would love to have that be one of my prizes. I’ve long eyed this book in the bookstores, but passed it up in the interest of saving money, but these were definitely a great price and too good NOT to share one!

Also, the 2nd prize is just some fun notions I found at Hobby Lobby. (Yeah, I DO shop there occasionally!). The ruler is actually a foldable magnetic one with TPI (threads per inch) on it, but I think it would be handy for spinning! The other fun things were the cute retractable measuring tape, a couple of fun emery boards (and yes, those are handy when you have a snag on your nail and trying to work with fiber!), and then a cute little zipper case to hold your notions.



I will be donating a braid of fiber too. Hand dyed by me.

I’ve updated/changed my prizes–check them out in my edited post, post #6!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

These two prizes sound great! thanks!

If you would like them for prizes, I have two pom poms to give away ) I’m not a pom pom fan myself and I received them with yarn clubs.

That is an awesome book (I already have it) Thank you for your generous donation!

We can use them, I’m sure! Some people like them on top of a stocking hat!

Thank you very much!

So, I may or may not have went to a yarn store (I know–crazy, esp. right before a spinning event, right?!?) I needed some yarn for a shawl I wanted to weave for a friend, so I HAD to go! :wink:

Anyway, I found some fun notions to share for another prize for our event. These cute little stitch markers look yummy enough to eat, I think! Also included is a 3-oz bottle of Eucalan to wash that special yarn you’ve spun up, and a cardboard tube of La La Love Crafter’s Handbalm, Lunar Moth scent, perfect for when your hands are starting to feel dry from working with fiber. I’ll let @Spice2s decide who gets this prize!

Also, FYI, I got that “used” book, The Spinner’s Book of Fleece today in the mail (actually ordered 2 of them, 1 for me and 1 for whoever gets the prize) and they BOTH look absolutely BRAND NEW! I love it when I order used books at a nice price and they show up at my door without any dings or dents or marks! I hope someone else needs one of those books and if you happen to be the recipient and already have one, please feel free to let us know so we can swap it out with another prize.

media (1).jpg

So it looks like we need one more prize, one for the “leisurely spinner”–everyone who spins on a drop spindle. Although I’d say some of you “drop spindle” spinners are probably quite the production spinners. I have decided to make one more donation–a “glow in the dark” drop spindle from Etsy. It got some really nice reviews. Of course, I had to have one for myself (I usually opt out of the drawings since I help lead the SdF), so I ordered the last 2! It is from Bull Sheep Fibery and Dyeworks on Etsy and it seems to have some really good reviews; here is the link for it if you want to check it out: https://www.etsy.com/listing/889559628/economy-drop-spindle-glow-in-the-dark?show_sold_out_detail=1&ref=nla_listing_details



Excellent :slight_smile: