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Finished “Syncopation” socks, recommended by KnitsWithHorses.
Theme: Used pattern another member loves.


Those look great! So are we just doing one FO thread and not monthly now? Just curious.

Those are very pretty! The pattern is perfect for the yarn

I edited my post to include that I followed the theme. What do you think of that idea? We just post finished pair and if we followed the theme. I thought I would
drop the monthly color since people really prefer to do whatever color they like.

I also thought one thread for finished pairs was a good idea. Do you all like that idea?

Works for me. I just enjoy seeing everyone’s socks and chatting about patterns and techniques.

I think that is fine with me.

My February socks are done thru the heels. It’s fun to switch it up and do them cuff down once in a while.


These are lovely.

I just love these.

They look great!

I finished these last night at 11:15. This technique definitely makes a difference in gauge so double check that if you make them. Harmoni had a deep heel and a high arch so even with as long as I made that heel flap, they are very snug going on but once on they are fine and she loves them.


They turned out great!

Thanks y’all. :relaxed:

These are amazing.

Thank you @FreedomLover they were fun to make.

These were finished this week. My 6th pair of Scrappy Socks.
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They look great! Haha. Where are they? I can’t see anything.

I meant to post this early this morning but apparently I didn’t hit post or my phone glitched or something.
I finished Harmoni’s St Patrick socks and I’ve already started a pair of summer shorties for myself with the leftover yarn.



They are so cute! I was planning to make some green ones using this same pattern in March, but between the logo stuff I agreed to do and the last-minute hat marathon, I didn’t even get them started! I did mean to ask, how did you upscale the pattern to fit your daughter’s feet? When I was looking at the pattern, I realized that I’m going to have to do something because I do not have a ladies size 7-9 foot. Since I know Harmoni’s feet are even bigger than mine, I figured I’d ask you how easy it was to scale the pattern up before jumping in myself. Just from looking at the pictures, it seems like you can just make a larger non-patterned section to accommodate a bigger circumference (I have wide feet too, closer to 9" than the 7" the pattern specifies) and could probably do another pattern repeat or two as needed. I haven’t examined the pattern incredibly closely yet, but figured you could tell me if there were any surprises to watch out for.