September 2020 Monthly Chatter

Hello! I am a bit tardy of all things that happen on the first of the month! LOL

Well, the kids are back to school (in person) and doing well. I’m (nearly) done with 2021 budgeting (thank goodness) and I’m watching Harry Potter with my son. For the… 10th time I am guessing. Maybe more.

Please let me know if you have a September birthday so I can send you a crown made by @qfknit - we want all of you to be royalty for a day! :slight_smile:

Be sure to share what you are working on, or if you just need to chat. :slight_smile:

I finished my block for the 3rd week of Tunisian crochet, and just loving it.

I have ventured into making a shawl, taking things we have learned, and expanding just a touch. Here is an early peek:

I really need to tuck in the ends. There are a bunch from my changing my mind in the pattern so often. :slight_smile:


Oh my goodness, that’s going to be so cool. You’re going to be so proud to have used all of your new found knowledge on a pretty creation! It’s so fun to learn (& master) new things!

So pretty!!

This is beautiful.

It’s looking very pretty so far!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Wow, very pretty! What yarn are you using?

Yikes, I feel like I’d better hurry and get everything done before winter. We’re down in the mid-50’s at night already (49 Thursday night) and back to long pants & tops. How did this happen so quickly?

It is a fingering weight 100% cotton. I believe it is called Trend Yarns. It came with 6 25g balls, and the colors will fade light to dark. :slight_smile:

It is soon to be the time of year for pumpkin spice and warm fire pits. :heart::heart:


Wow! We are having a bit of a cooler spell this week from all the turbulence pushed up here from the hurricanes but I’m not convinced the 90s won’t return for at least a little while yet. I can remember Halloween’s still in the 80s around here. Lol Of course I also remember Halloweens in the 30s. Welcome to Oklahoma…

In Finland we already have had frost at night in some parts of the country - around mid-50’s F though were I live - for us the summer is over and we’ve taken our boat to winter storage

Good morning, everyone!

How are you doing?

We’re all well here, I hope everyone else is as well. I’m babysitting the four sweetest and most adorable kids today. :cool:

Awww - I bet they’ll tucker you out. Have fun!!! What is on the agenda?

It is [SIZE=24px]WIP Wednesday!!![/SIZE]

We all want to see what everyone is working on today. :slight_smile:

@sheiskanen - We still have time before a frost but I can tell our summer is winding down. My garden plants are dying and going to seed. Summer is over when I start cleaning the garden out.

@lovestostitch - it’s great, though, to have different seasons - one can appreciate the summer after a long winter - in the winter the sun barely rises, only for some hours, but in the summer it’s nice when it barely sets :slight_smile: