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Still finding my way around this site.

Is it just my computer set up? I seem to have the newest posts on page 1 and the oldest on page whatever. I thought the notification would take me to the newest post in the thread after I had been there and made a comment. It doesn’t do that? Is there a setting that I am missing?

Thanks for your help.

To get to the newest post, click the double downward-pointing white arrows in the blue circle, rather than the thread title. AMHIK!!!

ETA: Actually, you will be taken to either the first post you haven’t read yet, or to the first unread comment in an existing, older post.

Thanks for your help. I need a little more clarification please.

What does ETA stand for?
What does AMHIK!!! stand for?

To get to the newest post, click the double downward-pointing white arrows in the blue circle, rather than the thread title. AMHIK!!! Where is this?

ETA: Actually, you will be taken to either the first post you haven’t read yet, or to the first unread comment in an existing, older post. Then do I read up or down from that post?
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Just looked at this thread. The first entry is my original post, the second entry is my answer to your post which appears as the third entry. Shouldn’t your entry be the second in line? I can’t respond to something that isn’t written yet

I guess I’m just confused.

AMHIK = ask me how I know (usually used when someone is giving advice on how to avoid an unpleasant error)
ETA = edited to add

So, when you’re looking at the list of topics, if there are new posts–or comments within a post–that you haven’t read, then clicking the white arrowheads in the blue circle to the left of the topic title will take you to the first one.

Okay. That makes sense. I usually go from the notice I have received to the subject so that’s why I couldn’t find the arrowheads.

Thanks for the explanation of the acronym.

Oh, @susanwayne, I’m sorry, I didn’t think about where you would be taken from the notification page! My bad. :frowning:

No worries. I’ll get it eventually. I just know that I am not fully utilizing this site yet…but I will. Thanks for your help.

I usually do that, too. I’ve also been getting confused. I look at my notifications, see that someone has replied to my post, or quoted my post (in my notifications), click on the notification, and it takes me to a post… sometimes my post… but there doesn’t seem to be logical progression to the conversations, so I’m constantly getting confused! I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience this!

@SDMcDaniel I also find it a bit hard to follow. I understand the system, but having comments inside other posts makes the conversation difficult to follow since some people are commenting and others are posting. I think this is standard for a lot of forums? I think the only way to know if there are comments (that one may have missed) in already read posts is to subscribe to the thread.

Also, IDK if anyone else is getting this, but maybe @Admin can answer…when I click the double arrows, I don’t get to the first unread post. Clicking that is taking me to the last post in the thread and then I have to scroll up or click a different page to find the last post I read/first new post. Is this the way things are meant to work?

I have to admit, I am right here with you, still trying to get around without clicking all over to get when i need to.
And there is the “join in” on every page ,every topic! I stopped joining in till I figure it out.:o

On the channel page, there are two sets of double arrowheads. Immediately to the left of the thread title are white downward arrowheads in a blue circle. Clicking that will take you to the first unread post or comment. But to the right of the most recent poster’s username are white arrowheads pointing to the right inside a blue rectangle. Clicking that will take you to the end of the thread.

ETA: The above is on a desktop. I don’t know what it looks like on a device.

I love the semi-threaded nature of post commenting here – it’s something I haven’t encountered in other forum software I’ve used – but am also confused by how new posts display. It seems to me that a digest page for new posts/comments in a topic would be less confusing. For new posts in a topic, I imagine that we could show new comments underneath the parent reply and one previous comment for context. New replies with/without comments would be shown in their entirety.

Then again, I could also work with a “next new message” button in a thread that would let me skip to each new comment or reply.

I don’t even play a user experience designer on TV, so take this with a grain of salt :wink:

Edited to add: I’ve just realized there’s a “Latest Activity” tab at the top of each post. Haven’t used it yet, but I’ll be trying it out.

I’m glad to know that I am not alone in finding my way around to the ‘newest’ entries on a thread. Not that I’m happy that you are having trouble as well, but I do wish there was a definitive method. I guess that I am not intuitive when it comes to websites and find myself floundering and then getting frustrated because I am reading the same posts over and over again. Sometimes I even leave the site vowing to try again later in the day.

Believe me, I am not criticizing the developers of this site as they have done a fantastic job in a short amount of time. And Admin is super responsive to any question and very patient I might add! I have been with them since day one (I think) so if I am still having trouble, newer people might give up?

Also, the embedded answers? That too is confusing to me I can’t figure out how the comment got embedded and how to comment on the comment.

Perhaps when there is time, some sort of manual will be developed to help us all.

In the mean time if anyone has any hints to help navigate, I for one would be very grateful. Here are a few questions:

1/ When at the message center and going to the thread…where does it take you? If I had my druthers, I would like it to take me to the next comment after mine.

2/ When at your email notification and going to the thread…where does it take you? If I had my druthers, I would like it to take me to the next comment after mine.

This is a terrific site and destined to get better if we all hang in there until all these little kinks get worked out.

There is a book called The Design of Everyday Things which is, as it says on the tin, about design considerations for designing things that humans will use. It was really eye-opening for me: we know that not everything is designed as well as it could be, but it’s not our fault for not understanding it right away! The design itself should suggest the easiest way to accomplish what you’re doing. So… don’t think you’re not skilled at navigating websites. Good design makes it easy to use regardless of your skill level. (And I code web services for a living, so I know how much knowledge and skill and effort goes into good design!)

I can give you a couple of hints:

  • You can embed an answer/comment on a post with the Comment link at the bottom of the post, near the Quote and Like links. You reply to a comment the same way, by commenting again on the post, and it will get added to the list.
  • In the message center, I believe it does the same thing as the two arrows -- it takes you to the first new comment or new post. You might wind up a few posts back in the thread to see the new comment. I don't know for sure, but you might end up further up the page than that if the thread has a lot of big images because your browser will show you the text first and then realize it has to make room for all of the images ;)
  • I can't speak to the email notifications since I don't use them.
And I also give kudos to Admin and the other developers/administrators -- it's a huge job, and they're doing it well!

I know that book! Fascinating.

Thanks for those tips. I think in time we will all find our way around whether it be through understanding or by accident…we’ll get there because we want to.

I didn’t mean to sound as if I was complaining, because I wasn’t. I’m one who likes to understand and I wasn’t understanding.

Question: Why would you embed a comment rather than quote and respond? Is there an advantage one over the other?

I love your comments about the design and ease of use @HeatherAthebyne.

When my son was in grad school he had me walk him through, verbally over the phone, what I “see” when looking at a website. He couldn’t help laughing out loud! You know how the banner across the top is usually divided from the body of the website by a bar that has navigation buttons in it (sorry, I don’t know the correct terms)? Well, my pre-computer brain “sees” the banner at the top and the body below, but just skips over the navigation buttons, LOL! I’ve kinda trained myself to look there now, but navigating new websites is still a giant learning curve for me.

@ilexedits Thanks. I’ve been traveling, so using my phone. I do have it set to regular desktop mode. I see that now that you pointed it out. Maybe my new contact lenses are actually working.

I didn’t see any complaining at all, @susanwayne – I love to understand, too :slight_smile: I like comments for when I feel like my reply is only specific to that poster, or when it might be a little off topic from the main thread.

Hmmm. I’m on a Kindle. I don’t see any blue circle, or white buttons. I always end up going to the last page or last post and finding my way back to where I last read. It’s time consuming and seems backwards to me. I’m used to it now, but it may get worse as these topics get longer.

Ir could just be me. I’m kind of an airhead and often look right past the obvious things in front of me.