Official Rules for Spin de Fleece 2020

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#spindefleece2020 [B](make sure it is spelled out–you only have to do it once for Instagram)

This year, our Spin de Fleece starts on Saturday August 29 and runs until Sunday September 20, 2020, in line with the new dates for the Tour de France.[/B]

How to participate?
Simply put:
Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday August 29 through Sunday September 20th. They spin, we spin! They rest, we rest!

Days of rest:
Wednesday, September 9
Monday, September 14 (Just like the actual tour.)

Challenge Days:
Sunday, September 6
Friday, September 18

Spin something challenging on the challenge days (usually the toughest high mountain stage: this year, the first one is Stage 9, on Sep. 6, when the mountainous program of the day starts with the discovery of the Col de la Hourcère which will immediately precede the climb to the Col de Soudet. For the seventh time since the beginning of the Tour, the riders will ride at an altitude of over 1,500m. They will then battle it out on the extremely steep climb up to the Col de Marie Blanque before heading back down to Laruns. The second is stage 18, on Friday, September 18th, when the course of the day is made for the most enduring climbers. Indeed, over 4,000m of climbing will be on the menu. In the following order, the peloton will lead up to the Cormet de Roselend, then the Col des Saisies followed by Les Aravis and finally the Plateau des Glières, a key location of the French Resistance, before continuing towards La Roche-sur-Foron.

What do we call a “challenge”? Anything that stretches you as a spinner. Maybe spinning longer than your normal span of time, maybe spinning a different type of fiber, or even trying a new technique.

A couple of tips:

[B]Spin when you can; don’t worry about missing days.
Set YOUR daily time limit; 15 minutes, 1/2 hour, 2 hours, etc. Whatever works for YOUR schedule.
Challenge yourself on the days when the TDF is doing a challenge day.
Bonus for yourself if you get to watch the TDF while spinning some days.

Just a reminder: No direct sales allowed in posts. This is to be a fun themed spin-along, not a place to recruit customers. There are other places on this website to accomplish that and we encourage businesses to take out ads during this time. Please contact @Char for this.[/B]

PRIZES! Anyone who would like to donate something as a prize would be welcome! The more prizes we have, the more the fun! It’s a great way to promote your dyeing biz, fiber tools, fleeces, or whatever it is you sell if you want to do that. Of if you just have plenty of fiber lying around and you want to share the love, let us know. A grand prize will be drawn for the person who spins every day that the TdF runs, as well as some random prizes drawn during the event each week for those who participate during that particular week. The more prizes donated, the more prizes will be given out!

Last year we only had a full-group spin. This year, I’d like to add a couple teams for some interest. You can join more than one or none at all. Most of these will be just for the fun of being in a specific group. If you can be a moderator of one (or more) of these groups, please let me know. I’ll be happy to be your co-mod.
1. Rookies – Those who are new to spinning in the last 2 years.
2. Regulars–Those who have been spinning for 3+ years.
3. Mavericks–Those who want to spin “art yarns”.
4. Challengers–Those who want to tackle a big project–spinning a whole fleece, spinning enough yarn for a sweater, etc.
*Prizes won’t be offered in these groups unless the moderator wants to offer something as a prize for motivation. :blush:

How to join? Simply comment below that you’re in! Then start prepping any fiber or stocking up your stash if you’re low! :blush:

@Carlota and @crosstitchlinda , here are the rules for this year’s event. Glad you can join us!

I’m in. I will plan to spin at least 30 min daily and maybe 60 min on challenge days. I could be on the Regulars team if there is interest. Since I started spindle spinning in 2014 I can’t qualify as a rookie anymore :slight_smile:

I’m in. Either as a regular or a challenger, depending on what I get prepped before we start. This is lovely and I’m excited!:fk:

I’m in! I’ve never participated in a Spin de Fleece before.
I’ll be drop-spindle spinning at least 30 minutes a day. and maybe try supported-spinning for a challenge day.
I guess I’m a rookie. I’ve been spinning for a little over two years.

Three cheers for spindles - that’s a great goal.

I’m in, I’ll be the rookiest Rookie in the Spin de Fleece 2020.

Yay! Let the prepping begin!!!

Lol, I love your term, “rookiest rookie”; we were all there at one point! Welcome!

Welcome! We love our drop spindle spinners! Something tells me you’re better at it than I am. I need to practice more. Maybe I’ll let that be a challenge day activity. It will be fun to see what you spin!

So glad you are joining us, @Carlota - Maybe I’ll be motivated to get my fleece washed and prepped if I have someone else doing the same! Let’s do this!

Welcome! So glad you can join us. It looks like we have quite a few drop spindle spinners! (Say that 10 times fast!) We may have to make up a team for ya’ll to connect.

I guess I wasn’t clear, I started on a drop spindle but now use a wheel. Actually I have a story about that. I was using my drop spindle at my MIL’s when she mentioned she had a wheel in the basement I could have. Now my children had played with this wheel when it was in her living room as an ornament. We all thought it was just a decorative wheel and not usable (not that anyone was a spinner at that point). So I go into the basement and find an Ashford Traditional Wheel. So now I am a wheel spinner.

Oh wow–what a neat find! I have the same wheel–they are a sturdy and versatile wheel. Someday I would like to get an upright castle-style wheel that is easier to transport, but for now this one works great. I upgraded mine to a double treadle and found a used sliding hook flyer to give me a few more options for ratio, but it’s just a good all-around wheel. There’s a reason they still make them!

I’m in. I haven’t spun for almost a year, but I do miss it. I just joined Fiberkind as “an alternative to…” and am looking forward to getting to know all of you !

I’ll spin as a regular, as I have been spinning for a bit, just not in the last year. I have a Kromski Fantasia :slight_smile: But I started as a drop-spinner too, although that didn’t last long, as I fell in love with spinning and wanted to do more, so I bought the wheel. I then restored my great grandmother (maybe it’s 2 greats?) spinning wheel, and may spin on that for my challenge days, as it’s much hard to spin on that than on the modern wheel … but it’s great fun! Now I can’t wait for the end of August … or maybe I’ll spin a bit between now and then … depends on real-life … right ?

I’m in for regulars
It’s too bad my wheel wont be here by the start of this, eew6 is in kickstarter right now, but those aren’t set to ship out til Feb, so I’ll be spinning mainly on my eew 5.1

Count me in as a Regular. I’ve been a member of several sheep to shawl competition teams, but work full time. I just hope to be able to spin each day. Good luck everyone!

Glad to have you along - welcome to FiberKind!

Pretty yarn in your profile pic. :slight_smile:

Welcome to FiberKind! If you need anything let me (or anyone) know. We’re happy to have you.

I had to chuckle at your coffee cup. Soooo me. :slight_smile:

Welcome, @Spice2s --so glad you’re joining us! This is only our 2nd Spin de Fleece, so we’re still getting ourselves established. It’s a fun reason/excuse to get lots of spinning done! It will be fun to see pics of your wheels, esp. the restored wheel. Great use of your “challenge” days!