May 2020 Sock KAL - it is Wacky Sock Month!

Well, May is nearly upon us, and I believe it is time to express how wacky things are through our socks!!!

There are no specific patterns, and the color is “clown barf”. Show us how wacky you can be in your sock knitting!!! :slight_smile:

You can, of course, knit whatever socks you choose, but if it is wacky and/or colorful you get extra “entries” in our finished thread. Patterns are allowed to be amended for size and preferences.

Help those of us who need some inspiration - what wacky socks are you planning to knit?

@knitter131 is donating a skein of yarn this month. I’ll get a picture up as soon as I can. :fk:

Would TARDIS socks count as Wacky? My daughter has been wanting some. I’m just not sure I have any appropriate color… Tardis MUST be Tardis blue.

Well, Dr. Who is kind of a wacky show - so why not?

I’m using the three mini skeins to make some short cut socks. I’m considering these wacky socks but a good wacky! I’m carrying the blue and green through the socks and will end with green toes.



Very creative and very cute!

Love it!!! :slight_smile:

These look great and so comfortable to wear.

I’ve started granddaughters socks. She was quite excited. Hoping I can finish them by the time she comes again next week Tuesday. She picked out a fair isle chart to go around the top from a book I have and picked the colors. The green yarn is Cascade and the navy is deep stash with no band but I believe it is an acrylic from Michael’s.


I love these colors together.

Good morning folks! I haven’t worked on socks in a bit, but am making time today as I work with a customer who is driving the mouse :slight_smile:

A carry over … from March Stripe month. Lol


Oooooohhhh, very pretty!

These are going to be fabulous.

Hmmm, those are kinda elegant, low on the wacky-meter. But gorgeous yarn and knitting!

@Carlota - March was stripes socks. Lol - I am behind the game.

Thanks everyone. :-). Made good progress today. Another inch or so and I’ll be ready for the heels.

I’m ready to switch back to socks after finishing my diamond in the ruff blanket and a few other spring cleaning projects that failed. I’m thinking about hairy leg or bubble wrap ankle socks :rolleyes:

Oh, I get it now - whew! I even see your prior note. Wacky-meter put back in the closet for now.

Oh my - I can’t wait to see those! @Carlota has her Wacky Meter - I bet it would be off the chart!

Okay, I’ll get the Wacky Meter back out for sure.

@knitter131 - I saw your comment on the affiliate page that you love Ice yarns. They certainly are a good price. Have you used their sock yarn? What did you think? Soft? Durable?

It is among my favorite sock yarns, washes up very softly. I actually just placed an order for some of their hand dyed sock yarns as I am very curious as to how that washes and feels. :slight_smile: Their shipping is expensive, but when the skein of sock yarn is still under $5.00 even after shipping, it’s a deal.