May 2020 Sock KAL - Finished Socks Only Please!

Here is our thread for our May 2020 Finished Socks Only :slight_smile:

As always you may choose any pattern and amend for size and preferences. You may also multi-dip with other make alongs, as long as that organizer is good with it.

Please post an entry (use the “post reply” button) for the following (Featured patterns, etc can be found in the chatter thread):

  • first finished sock (or two through the heels)
  • pair finished
  • featured theme - Wacky Socks
  • Festured color - Clown barf (so bright and colorful a clown must have regurgitated)
@knitter131 is donating a skein of sock yarn - Thank you @knitter131 - I'll get a picture here soon... :)

Here is the picture:

Please remember - new posts (using the “post reply” button) are for finished sock entries only - oohs, ash’s, and Thank you’s should be posted as comments (press the three dots at the bottom right hand side of the post) not as new posts. This makes it easier on me at the end of the month to draw a random number winner! :wink: Even one sock finished has a chance to win, so be sure to post pictures and knit socks!


Two finished through the heel, I am using the Mani Pedi yarn that I won in a drawing last month and donated by Char. I really like the yarn it has great negative ease but I’m not sure if it can count In the clown barf color category. Now to figure out the legs, I only plan to make them ankle socks.


looking good! :slight_smile:

Very pretty, the colors really pop!

First wacky sock done.


Finished through the heel. Not exactly wacky and definitely no clown barf. I don’t really have any stash that fits that term anymore, though I used to. I’m still trying to decide if I’ll attempt an actual wacky pair.


These are beautiful.

I love the colors.

These are fabulous.

Thank you. :relaxed:

Well, I’ve knitted two socks but I frogged the first one and have to do it again. I thought I was keeping an eye on the amount I used of both colors but I was off. The first sock was also a bit loose and I thought the gauge was too loose. I knit the second sock on smaller needles. Now I have to reknit the first sock.

sock #1

sock #2



I do use Magic Loop but I don’t do two at a time because I have a sensitive nerve on one foot that doesn’t like tight socks. I use my first sock as a test. If it’s snug, it goes on the left foot. If it’s loose, it goes on the right. On the second sock, I make the necessary adjustments. I was really surprised the first sock had such loose looking stitches. The yarn must be on the thinner side of fingering.

Finished my wacky pair. Great for little summer shorties. I’ll probably be making several similar pair in the coming weeks.


Very nice, @KnitsWithHorses - I am also working on summer shorties these days.

Don’t forget your extra entry!

I love making shorter socks, faster gratification and in truth I wear them much more. I don’t have any OTN right now and may have to cast on a pair.

@FreedomLover I wear shorties pretty much exclusively except with my work boots. I literally live in the woods so I have to wear those a lot. Lol

Extra entry for Wacky socks! Thanks for the reminder @Char !

Thanks Rose. I finally remembered where I learned that zigzag… It was a pattern called Follow the Leader. I do toe up and a different heel but that’s where the lace pattern is from. Yarn is KnitPicks Felici.

Is there a link to the pattern?