March is National Craft Month - Chatter & Prizes

Did you know March is National Craft Month? Here at we are having a make along - complete with random prizes. We’ve had some lovely donations already and I’m betting there are more to come. :slight_smile:

So - grab a nice beverage, prop your feet up and relax with crafts in hand. Share your projects you are working on, pull out a WIP, or learn a new craft - prizes will be based on chatter! My sincere apologies to those who posted previously, but here is everyone’s chance to catch up!

What are you working on?

National Craft Month.jpg

I am hoping to finish this blanket today… we’ll see if I can get that done. :-). This is for a graduation gift - because the colors sort of reflect off each other, I am calling it reflections. I also think graduation is a time for reflecting :slight_smile:

I think that I will be trimming it in the deep teal. It is the deep color I have the most of as I bought an extra skein of it when it used to be a temperature blanket.


Americana Circle Scarf - No Keyhole - Kelly Green.

Whether you call it a circle scarf, infinity scarf, cowl… a scarf by other name would be as chic.
Free pattern here: Forum > Marketplace > Free Knitting Patterns > Free Scarf Patterns > Americana Circle Scarf


Americana Circle Scarf - Bunting Style

Fresh off the needles… St. Paddy’s Day, anyone?
Free pattern here: Forum > Marketplace > Free Knitting Patterns > Free Scarf Patterns > Americana Keyhole Scarf, Bunting Style


My four-year-old grandson now enjoys getting mail so I plan to make him cards for every holiday.


Work In Progress - Scarf made with leftover worsted weight yarn - 2 partial skeins, alternating rows.

Many ideas for using leftover sock yarn in this Discussion Thread: Groups > Knit and Crochet > Sock Lovers United > Leftovers

Pattern: [INDENT]Using DPNs or circs, cast on 36 stitches.
K3, (P1, K1) to last 3 stitches, P3.
Repeat this row to length desired.
Cast off.[/INDENT]

For circle scarf, infinity scarf, cowl: [INDENT]Cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast On.
Cast off: three-needle bind off in pattern.[/INDENT]

Judy’s Magic Cast On (JMCO) is shown in this YouTube video by Judy Becker, posted September 12, 2011. The video is just 12:31 long, and gives great explanations along with the demonstration. Judy Becker invented the technique, which was first published in Knitty, Spring 2006


Those colors are great together.

I am also working on a C2C blanket from Hobbii - this is a very addicting and fun “TV” knit blanket.

Here is the finished picture from Hobbii:

Thank you to Hobbii for their permission to use their photos on FiberKind.


C2C Blanket Hobbii.jpg

@qfknit - this doesn’t look scrappy at all - these colors were definitely made for each other!

I think that would look awesome!

That’s just awesome!

You made that!? That’s just too cute!

@lovestostitch @Char - Thank you!
LOL, I was tidying up, and in tossing several skeins into a bin of blues, these landed near each other, and it clicked!
LOL, I am so far behind on a number of things, and will probably pay for this diversion later this month with an all-nighter or two!

@Char is correct, those colors will make a real statement! Lovely!

I’m in love with the Hobbii blanket!

I’m also working on the Hobbii C2C blanket along with the Spice Market CAL. I get one round done on the Spice Market then move on to a couple squares on the Hobbii. With any luck, I’ll have them finished by the end of the month.



Thank you @TexasPurl - I believe these partial skeins of worsted weight yarn are both by Red Heart, the lighter yarn being Super Saver “wildflowers” and the darker yarn being With Love “cerulean.”

I’ve been making IV sleeves for our hospital; very simple, mindless k2 p2 :slight_smile:


Oh - very nice. I bet these come in very handy for the hospitals!

So beautiful! :slight_smile: The spice market still amazes me.