March 2021

Happy March everyone! All the water from the rains and melting snow have made their way to the low country. We’re having to alter our commutes since we have roads that look like this. We’re fine but some people’s homes are affected.


Oh, wow. That looks bad. We used to live in a flood zone. Our home got flooded and what a mess that was. Another time I woke up and was gazing out the back window, looking at the beautiful sunny day after a night of rain. I noticed a bunch of bark on our back patio, and it took me a minute or two to figure out how it got there. It had flooded and then receded during the night. So my husband went looking for the sheep we had. They did not survive. I felt so bad. I am thankful we don’t have to worry about that where we are currently living!

I’m finishing up with tax stuff today. I’ll be so glad when that’s done.

Happy March everyone.
Hope everyone is well out there.

@FreedomLover your post reminded me to get out and walk to our river. It’s such a lovely little area to walk in.

I will have to walk a different route for a while. The coyotes have decided to make their dens in our area again. It’s kinda silly because there is a boat ramp and several well used walking trails. They don’t seem to mind us being there. (by us I mean lots of people, dogs, and vehicles) In fact…my son once had coyotes sneak up on him as he was fishing. He thinks they were trying to sneak up and steal his fish.

I just got my first covid shot. Quick and easy from our health department.

I had a sore muscle for about 2 days, Tylenol helped. When is your 2nd shot?

Second shot is April 5. We wanted to avoid having it during Holy Week as Steve is singing for Good Friday, and who know if I’ll be reading for one of the services as the schedule isn’t out yet.

That must have been heartbreaking. I was worried we would lose someone to that arctic blast as our animals are set up for Oklahoma winter not Minnesota! But they all came through. Some extra calories, some extra straw and hauling fresh water to them every day because their troughs would freeze within a half hour and they did fine. We have discovered that no matter how cold it is, our old mare, Rhiannon, refuses to wear a blanket. I’ll have to try to desensitize her to it this spring and summer in case of nasty winters in the future.

Yes, it was. :frowning: It was a long time ago, maybe 25 years ago or longer. We hadn’t had them for very long, and I was still learning how to take care of sheep, reading books on it. So the sad event ended my sheep adventures.

I’m so glad all your animals made it through the freezing weather. I hope the blanket training goes well!

@KnitsWithHorses - I think Rhiannon is telling you she wants a hand knit horse sweater. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see the pictures! :wink:

I’ve heard some people get woozy after the second shot.

@FreedomLover the health dept makes you sit at wait 15 min after the shot before you leave. They said they haven’t had any bad reactions yet.

@crosstitchlinda Glad you were able to get the vaccine you wanted. The only after 2ed shot complication I have heard of is slight soreness at the site, and maybe feeling a bit run down for a few hours. (like you are coming down with something) Which I have learned means your body is producing an immune response. No one I know had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. Please keep us up to date on how you are feeling.

Btw…How in the world have you already completed 32 books this year. WOW. Amazing. (for clarification…I am Not questioning the fact you read that many…simply in awe that you have completed them.) I am slow and steady over here…in both my reading and my crafting.

@hereami so far no reaction, but do seem a bit more tired.

I read on my NOOK and knit at the same time. I have always been a fast reader. Not a speed reader, I read every word, but very fast. I will admit the bible reading does go more slowly, especially the commentaries. I am also retired and not going much of anywhere, except to visit my daughter’s family who lives 45 min north. Have not seen Son in months and second daughter in over a year.

DH says that getting our shots was the first “date” we’ve had in 12 months!!


Lol…I know what you mean. My hubby and I have been counting trips to the store to buy milk and eggs as ‘dates’.

I can craft and listen to audio books and watch movies. However, I am ridiculously slow at knitting and reading. So slow it frustrated me and I stopped trying.

@hereami I admit I need to do fairly simple things while I read, but I’ve been making a lot of basic hats and the sweaters I’ve been making for myself are mainly stockinette, so it works fairly well.

I’ve been incredibly absent. Happy March everyone! I finished a thing. Toddler sized in uptown worsted. 66 stitches on a 4.5mm circular needle


It is too cute.

@DJM thank you! Hope all is well with you!

Very nice!