Knit-a-long - Gwendolyn Lace Shawl

This is beautiful yarn!

This is beautiful! I love the sheen this yarn has. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I was pretty taken with it when I found it at the LYS.

Thank you, everybody. My computer’s playing up, so I’ll leave it at that.

I cast on today, and so far am up to row 15.

From this wool:

Needle size 4.5 mm. That’s big enough for me! I wish I knew how to get rid of the attachments below…


Jameison and Smith.JPG

Ya’ll are seriously testing my resolve!! I’ve got a sweater that needs finishing and an upcoming Spin-de-fleece I’m spearheading, so I need to just learn to enjoy this one vicariously! Not to mention, it’s canning season and we plan to travel to northern FL to visit my parents next week. Lots of time to knit on the road, but I really, really need to get the sweater done, so maybe I’ll just watch and enjoy!
I did download the pattern for future reference, though.

@Nitperl it’s looking very nice, I really like your choice of yarn.

@rkennell I totally understand, as I have about 6 WIP’s going on. Nothing time sensitive, and I try to work on them every couple of days. If you should decide to join us, there’s no ending date, and we’ve really only gotten started here.

@Nitperl, this is going to be very pretty!

Having the attachments ‘remain’ happens to me sometimes also, I’ve seen it when I’ve changed the size of the file I want to post or delete the photo all together. My fix has been to delete all the photos and start again. They then post properly.

I think we’re going to be at this for a while, and if this wears as nicely as described there may be others who want to join you later.

I’m definitely only able to spend a little time here and there on this as I have other projects that have a deadline but I couldn’t resist. There’s something about lace. And eventually they will let us have church meetings again and this will be perfect in the air conditioned chapel!

Very pretty!

This looks great so far, I hope you are enjoying the pattern.

I got to row 23, and then found I’d made a mistake. Tried to fix it, but nothing doing. So I redid the whole thing, and this time I put in safety rows.

I’m now up to row 40. Not the sort of knitting you pick up and put down. In fact, I worked in silence today! Yes, I am enjoying the pattern, but it’s testing me; only done a chart once before.

Thank you, pinesprairie. I’ll try out your suggestion next time.

FreedomLover - see my post!

@Nitperl I also had to rip and start over the first time through. I learned to use charts about 18 months ago, and now they are my choice over written instructions. It’s next to impossible for me to make a correction in lace work, and a lifeline has often helped me through.

I agree that this pattern needs full attention and for me, this means counting back on my purl rows to make sure I didn’t miss something. I. Haven’t worked on the shawl for a few days, as I’ve been under the weather, but I hope to do some more today.

I’d enjoy seeing a picture of your progress - the pattern looks beautiful in the yarns we’ve all chosen.

Good luck, and here’s hoping no more frogging for this group!

@knitter131 I finally got this started and I’m really glad that I had your notes to make it clear! I probably would have had to start and frog numerous times otherwise. Thank you!

I’m also hoping to finish the first chart today. I had stitch markers separating the four sections and have added different colored markers within them to keep the repeats small and easy to manage. I’ve finished row 74 and will post a photo once I’m done Chart 1.

I don’t know what I was thinking earlier, I have too much on my plate today to finish the first chart.

I love the markers in KC that help you keep track of what row you are on and even which stitch in case you have to stop mid row. I’m a bit OCD about completing a row but if, for example, a kitty were to knock over a coffee… your vertical marker can quickly be placed to save your place. I just wish KC was available on Windows so I could put it up on my computer instead of my tablet. My eyesight is pretty poor. I need one of those magnifier covers or something.