Knit-a-long - Gwendolyn Lace Shawl

I will be hosting a new knit-along for this beautiful lace shawl, posted in the free knitting patterns group.

This is the place for chatter, questions and pictures regarding this project.

The pattern is more of a “recipe” - I’ve already started it and might be able to help if you have questions. There is a small and large version, and the pattern is fully charted. It calls for 600/900 yards of lace weight yarn.

Everyone is welcome to join in, the more the merrier! Here’s a link to the pattern

Gwendolyn Lace Shawl

I will be using Lion Brand Amazing Lace in white. One ball is enough even for the large shawl.


I need to buy yarn for this, I’ll let you know what I find at the LYS. I want to make the larger version and I love that the designer says this construction stays on the shoulders better.

Great, I’m glad you will be joining us here! I will make a post later today with a start-up picture and some pointers - just things I noticed that may be helpful.

For those of you who wish to start right away, just a few things:

There are no written instructions, it is only charts. The lace pattern is pretty simple, even though it seems complicated. Just the normal increases and decreases and YO’s.

On page 3, “Knitting”

All rows have a knit 2 at beginning and end for selvage - this does not show on the chart.

The pattern will repeat four times on the first chart beginning with the first row.

Odd rows always have a knit 1 between pattern repeats, beginning with the very first row. This does not show up in the chart, but once you get into the pattern rows, you will notice this gives you a YO, K1, YO to indicate the separation of each repeat. As I go along, I’m now going to place markers to indicate each row repeat.

Even rows are all the same. K2, purl across to last 2 sts, K2

If you are a fan of Knit Companion, even the android or the free version would help navigate through the charts.

Here is my first photo, after row 28 of the first chart.


I haven’t really looked at the pattern yet, just downloaded it and was stash diving. I’m really glad you’re interpreting these things! I’m sure I would have gotten really frustrated if you weren’t figuring these things out and letting us know. I kind of don’t understand why they would put our a pattern that just had charts with no directions and then leave details like that off the charts?
I’m going to try to use knit companion. It’s been a while since I used it so hopefully I can remember.

I’m in!:D:fk: I’ll have to use fingering weight yarn but I think it will come out fine. Maybe I’ll end up making the smaller one since my gauge will be larger. Ordinarily I would definitely do the larger one. That’s the nice thing about shawls, fit isn’t much of a problem so there’s often room for play.

Oh YAY! I will try to keep a little ahead in case there are any other areas of confusion. Anxious to see your yarn choice, and how it works up with the fingering weight. I don’t have a size 2-1/2 needle, so I’m using size 3.

I’m also doing a test knit right now so I won’t be going too fast so I’m sure you’ll stay ahead of me. I’m not a super fast knitter anyway. Lol I’m trying to post the yarn I chose but my wifi is being a poop.

I bought this Katia Air Lux for my Gwendolyn, it’s a heavier weight and drapes beautifully. I’ll try it with a 4mm needle and see how it goes.



It is very pretty, I think it will make a wonderful shawl.

Oh that’s going to be beautiful!

Thank you @KnitsWithHorses, I think it will.

I’ve finished the first 26 rows and need to start dinner. I’m babysitting grands tomorrow so I doubt I get to work on this again until Friday.


@FreedomLover it looks great, and I really like your yarn. What size needles are you using?

US 6, 4mm. The yarn label recommended 4 or 5 and I thought 6 would bring out the lace.

I’ve been thinking about a lace shawl for ages, and this seems a good pattern. (I’ve downloaded it, and read the tips and instructions.) It doesn’t seem too difficult! Famous last words…


Welcome to the KAL, we’re glad to have you’re here.

I’m not very good at this (posting with a photo); the photo is of Jameison and Smith yarn, which I bought a couple of months ago. I think you would call it “fingering weight”.

You may wish to go up a needle size for fingering weight yarn. I’m guessing it will have a better lacy look and drape with larger needles.