June 2024

I just can’t believe it is June already!!!

I just got back from our MSQC bus trip. It was amazing, and no drama that I became aware of. And I seemed to be the voice of the trip. Which is odd because I’m actually very shy. I was the collector of all registrations, sent all the emails out, spoke about the trip at all of our meetings, and sat behind the microphone on the bus.

Today I’m starting to wind my purchases from the last few days. It will be a chore but I want to get it done before they all get set into the way they are folded. :slight_smile:


It turns out I have 2 more full skeins if this awesome soft yarn.

Baby Bear will have to stay in NICU at least 3 more weeks. He is unable to swallow even 1ml of fluid. Lots of miracles in less than a week. So, I am trying to have hope his damaged nerves will continue to heal.

@char. Any photos of the items you bought.

@Majormomma what about you? Did you purchase any crafty items on your aweaome trip?


Baby Bear will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Yes - I have some…. I’m not done wrapping it into bolts yet. :slight_smile: I’ve marked them with the shop I bought them at.


Wow! Nice choices.


One of my 4 Wips I am working on this June.
This one has been sitting around half finished since 2017-ish.
Top down shawl…I think this is my first top down one.

Universal Yarn
Staggered Shawl using Bamboo Pop. (Bamboo and cotton)
I decided to add the beads at the staggered color changes.


I’ve been so busy getting my garden planted that I haven’t checked in here for awhile.

@hereami - I’ll keep Baby Bear in my prayers. I’m sorry he is having troubles.

Cicadas! We have a light amount on our property. By light, I mean their singing is not deafening and we don’t have piles of their exoskeletons. They are swarming all over the tops of our apple trees and I find their exoskeletons stuck on plants. I went to a garden club outdoor event in a member’s garden on Monday. I couldn’t believe the noise when I opened my car door. A lot louder than at my house.

I worked really hard yesterday to finish planting all the seedlings I had. I washed all the pots and trays and had them drying on our patio. A storm blew in last night and now I have pots all over the yard. I had a decorative bird cage filled with succulents on a small patio table. The wind knocked the table over and the bird cage tumbled off and now I have succulent leaves all over. Oh well, it needed repotting anyway. Garden work is never done!


I am feeling sad, though truthfully it isn’t that big an issue. A neighbour complained to the local council about one of my trees, saying they were concerned it would drop branches on their property in storms. We have had some pretty ferocious gales and storms this year, and it has dropped nothing worse than a few leaves, but the council said it had to go. So they sent men with chainsaws to remove it. Good thing all the bird nests in it were empty (it was a favourite spot for ravens, tawny owls, magpies, and a host of small birds, as well as a roost for bats and squirrels). Still sad to see it go, though. It might be petty of me, but I had to smile when during the demolition the workmen dropped a large section of trunk onto a plastic playhouse in the complainant’s garden and damaged the roof. Karma!


I’m sorry, that is so sad! We have a pecan tree in our backyard that my great-grandfather planted sometime in the 1890s or early 1900s. We are starting to think we may have to have it cut down because most of the branches don’t have any leaves on them and it has been dropping dead branches for a while. Fortunately, it only has branches over our own yard, so it isn’t a threat to any of the neighbors at least. We are hoping we can get a tree guy in to look at it and see if it is at all salvageable because it is the last of the trees my great-grandfather planted left on our property and we want to keep it if at all possible!


I find it interesting that your council came in and removed it. Did they charge you for the service or is it part of their duties? In the USA, every homeowner would be responsible for maintaining or removing their own trees. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work out very well because getting a tree removed is expensive and many people don’t remove trees that they should. Our neighbor had dying trees and I worried that they would hit our house. I don’t think our governmental agencies would force anyone to remove a dead or dying tree.


Laws are weird.
In my area of California there are times you (the property owner) wants to remove a tree, but are not allowed to. Even if the tree is in poor condition. If it is a protected tree. Like a Heritage Oak.
I have seen whole parking lots redesigned around one tree.

Then there are times when you must remove a tree because it is causing damage to sidewalks or something. Then there are huge dead trees just stand there being a hazard to lots of people.

I really haven’t figured it all out, over here.


If I wanted to cut it down, or if it was dying and had dropped branches, I would have had to pay. Because the complainant could not show evidence it was a problem, they had to pay the cost. The council pays if it is their property the tree grows on, regardless of who asks for removal. If I had refused to allow it, they would have sent a tree surgeon to examine it, and if there were issues I would have had to pay for the expert consultation as well, which is expensive here too. We do have protection orders on certain trees but my local council are notorious for breaching those; ten years back they cut down a protected grove of trees that had been planted for Queen Victoria’s coronation, by mistake they said, and got fined thousands of pounds by English Heritage.


Very sad indeed. :frowning:

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Hello FiberKind I am back.
My dad passed away at the end of April. I was his POA. He had been sick from pulmonary fibrosis. He was hospitalized at New Years then again at the end of February. I chose hospice care when he was discharged the second time. Although he had a terminal condition it was a bit unexpected when the end came. I was able to be there with him. I am confident hospice was for the best instead of continuing to aggressively treat. Several years ago he had told me about his final wishes which made my job easier to do with some confidence.

I am feeling like sharing some good conversation and knitting with this group again.

Here is a WIP
Just completed the shoulder shaping.


Dood to have you back! :heart:. It sounds like you have been going through some much needed healing.

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I am almost done cutting fabric to finish my next quilt. I’m making Krista Moser’s Hollow Star . The stars are huge, though, and I decided to go rogue. :joy::joy:. I’m using half sized stars and haphazardly chose a wild jelly roll to use.

I’m actually taking a class Sunday - I guess I should do the other pattern option during the class. I just can’t stop! :joy::joy:


@Sjuly Welcome back. I love the colors you are working with. What are you making?

@Char wow. You have been busy. Vibrant. Wait. You need glue to quilt?


Temu score!


I’m glad to see you back again, I was just thinking about you the other day when I came across the patriotic keyhole scarf I made from your pattern! I’m sorry to hear about your dad’s passing. My dad was in a care center for almost 2 years before he passed and had started refusing to eat right before the end. Even though we knew it was coming soon and knew he was ready to go, it was still a shock and difficult to get through. I think it will always be hard to lose someone we love, no matter the circumstances. Your sweater looks good, the colors are nice and rich and it looks like it will be a lovely, comfy sweater for someone this winter!


Glad you are back. I know how stressful it can be to deal with aging parents.

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I glued these seams because they are all in the “bias” - it really helps!