July 2020 Sock KAL Chat - Let's be patriotic!

We will be doing our KAL a little differently this month and we’ll see how you like it. We will have a theme and a color. You may choose any pattern you like that fits the theme. If it isn’t obvious why your pattern fits the theme, explain it to us.

Our theme will be: Patriotic
If you live in the USA, this can means stars and stripes, eagles, etc. If you live in a different country, please share your country’s patriotic symbols when you tell us what pattern you will be knitting.

Normally, we will just have one color of the month but this month our colors are red, white and/or blue if you live in the USA. Any single color or combination will do. If you live in a different country, your colors are the colors of your country’s flag.

As always, you can knit any pattern or color you like but you get an extra entry in the prize drawing for using a pattern that goes with the theme and/or using the monthly color.

Chat about the KAL in this thread and post your finished projects in the Finished thread.


Thank you for taking this on. I believe I have a pair of socks forming in my head. I’m debating on if I want to explore into intarsia or not. Eek! We’ll see what comes up when I get the yarn wound.

I’m thinking of short cuts with a blue cuff with white beads and red and white striped feet!

I love this idea!

For anyone seeking a pattern… have you seen the “Team USA” slipper socks… a free pattern by The Chilly Dog, in worsted weight yarn…? It was recently posted in the free patterns group, by @KnitsWithHorses, accompanied by a photo of a great pair she knit from this pattern.

I’m always hesitant to do Colorwork on socks for fear of making them too tight but I was super surprised at how comfy beaded socks were. I love that idea too!

This is as star shaped as I could get! If anyone wants to try it and needs a chart, I’m happy to share.


Very pretty!!! The stars turned out great!

I’m not going to have enough white to do red and white stripes until the toe. i have plenty of red and blue. Any ideas for how I can use more red or blue?


I love that! It’s really cute!

Out of curiosity how far can you get? One stripe? Five stripes?

I figure I need 14 stripes total per sock so 7 white@2 gms per stripe = 14 gms per sock. I only have 17 gms of white total. So that equals about 8 stripes, 4 per sock. I definitely need a different design.

I’m knitting a plain blue pair of socks. If I am to understand, a single color works for this. Not very good at colorwork.

Yes! Absolutely :slight_smile: Glad to have you along.

So - what if you were to do 3 stripes, the rest blue… but you could use the rest of the white to stitch a duplicate stitch star or stars over the top of the blue?

Any pair of finished socks count as an entry for the prize drawing. If you use the monthly color, you get an extra entry and if you follow the theme, you get another entry.

Stash diving yielded some red Carlton merino sport, so I think I’ll be making these.


I found a sock pattern that looks challenging and perfect for our patriotic theme. It’s toe-up with a short row heel, and the pattern shows a bright red sock. I have some red which I will use for this month’s socks.

i wasn’t able to post a link, but the pattern is in Knit Picks, a free download. It’s called “July Stars and Strips Socks”.

Mod Edit:
Stars and Stripes Socks

Link for KnitPicks Stars and Stripes Socks -
https://www.knitpicks.com/stars-and-stripes-socks/g/50672220 (Click “DOWNLOAD FREE PATTERN”)

Thanks, @qfknit for finding the pattern and posting the link!