January 2024 Chatter

A Happy New Year :fireworks: to everyone!
@Lemming13 asked me how many quilts I made in a year a few days ago, and I’ve been giving it some thought. And I don’t really know.

So - I’m going to keep track this year :slight_smile: I suppose this will be my crafty goal - after decluttering my crafty space.

Other goals? I need to pray the serenity prayer daily I think. I’ve had several months of stress and conflict. It has impacted me greatly and I need to get out of my funk. I think that will help me get through day by day.

What about you?


Happy New Year to everyone.

@Char If you’d like to track your quilts in the stash busting thread feel free.


Happy New Year! And I’m hoping we all have a happier time.

Looks like we’re all on the stashbusting trail for 2024 - no surprises there, really, collecting an unfeasibly large stash seems to be mandatory for crafters. I have decided that I’m going to also cull some of my pattern collection: I’m taking up books and folders of patterns I haven’t touched in a year or more, going to my stash and just working whatever I have the yarn for, even if I have no idea who will receive it. I just completed a baby buggy blanket, and I’ve started on a teapot cozy, so I feel very proud of myself (and in a couple of weeks when I realise I haven’t completed anything else and have bought more yarn, I will be very disappointed with myself).


I didn’t track it but I think I’m stash negative for 2023. I bought ten skeins of KP Brava Worsted a couple months ago for charity projects, but in the spring I donated a bunch of yarn and fabric and FOs to our local charity crafting org. I’m not sure I have any actual yarn FOs for '23 except for a charity hat… :upside_down_face: I did work on a handspun cardigan, but the vast majority of my crafting time wound up being embroidery and manuscript illumination. My stash for both of those definitely grew, but at least those supplies are smaller and easier to store.

For 2024 I’m, uh, anticipating becoming even more like a medieval nun? :woman_shrugging: I mean, I only ever leave the house for (health permitting) Mass and medical appointments. My main occupations are fine embroidery, calligraphy and manuscript illumination, and religious study. I’m intending to work additional prayer time into my day this year.


the first day of January 2024 - with temperatures from -16C to -18C


Beautiful Picture!! No snow here yet, we did have flurries on New Year’s Eve.


Over at the Ilvermorny campus, they did intention boards and a “stash down” where you could submit all the yardage you completed during the year. I have never done an intention board before but I have found that I LOVE it and intend to do another one for 2024 on my own. I was also really happy with keeping track of my projects and yardage for the year because it really helped me see what I have accomplished. In 2023 I completed 71 projects, from baby socks or hats up to giant shawls and lapghans. I also used 9,519 yards of yarn since 1 January 2023. I feel so much more of a sense of accomplishment seeing the list and numbers in front of me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I bought this last year sometime. I love it. I am using it to make dated notes about the projects I am working on…and then notes when I complete them. Some notes are very detailed and personalized. Some simply say the project name, the amount and type of yarn I used and where the pattern came from. I also add where the project went when I completed it.

I am pleased with the work I have done on De-stashing the last few years. I now have special yarns that I plan to use for myself. (wools and such) Then I have a perfect amount for the various charity blankets I hope to make.

Of course that meant I thought I had room to get some fabric so I could add charity blanket quilting to my list of hobbies. So…there the boxes sit. Full of fabric pieces.

My first goals are to work on my Wips. 1 grandbaby blanket to finish, I have 2 teen size crochet blankets. 1 jean fabric bed quilt, and the list goes on. It’s still a mental list. I need to inventory my wips. Which, I guess is goal one.

Good luck everyone. I am looking forward to this Fresh start to a new year. :yarn: :gift_heart:


I dyed some 4 ply sock yarn Silver Grey. The yarn came with the black already in it. It is a Merino/Nylon blend from wool2dye4.


Happy Wednesday FK! WIP Wednesday?

I’m working on a baby blanket for a neighbor. It’s a stitch pattern by Andrea Rangle that I then calculated out to make the blanket about 2’x2’ in the round. The yarn is navy and white, though it looks black and white in the picture.

Both colors are the same yarn, but the navy is a lot thinner than the white, which is a little annoying, but thankfully seems to be turning out okay anyhow.

I need to use only stash yarn in 2024 and not purchase anymore!

What are you all working on?


My first 2 finished objects of 2024.


@LynnKnits I love these. The stitching looks great and the timing is perfect. I heard there is cold weather all across the US this week.

@Knit2PSquare That is amazing work. Your neighbor is going to love it! Will you put a lining on the back? My husbands previous girlfriend…over 35 years ago now… made him a knit black and white blanket and put a thin fabric lining on the back so he wouldn’t ruin the blanket. (in a jealous fit I re-homed the blanket after we were married)

@lovestostitch I discovered I adore Merino yarn and yarn blends. Your yarn looks awesome. What plans do you have for it?

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Yes my youngest and I didnt have hats yet and with it getting really cold here in southern MN we needed them more for the bus stop walks.


Happy New Year!

I’m organizing my house and getting rid of things i don’t want.

I’m trying to exercise as I have become too sedentary.


@LynnKnits I love the multicolored yarn… what is it? And is it kinda grey as it looks in the photo?

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I’m planning on socks. I’m purging my sock drawer of all non-Merino wool socks. I’ve given up wearing the itchy ones. I wish my daughter (who also has long feet) didn’t live in TX and not wear socks. I need someone to give the itchy socks to. My daughter isn’t sensitive to itchy wool like I am but the only socks she has ever requested was a pair of “pencil” socks. She wanted them to wear for crazy socks day at her school - she’s a teacher.


@hereami I do plan on putting a backing on so little fingers don’t get caught. I was thinking a flannel? Any one have any thoughts or knowledge on best practice?

I can’t blame you for rehoming the blanket…:grin:…nice of you to rehome it!


It’s Malabrigo in the color 723 Indonesia here is a better more accurate color


I recently added a flannel backing to a granny squares blanket made by a very special friend who has passed away. I never liked the blanket because of all the cold air holes but I loved that she made it for me. When she gave it to me, she told me she made it in a tall size. :slight_smile: The flannel layer does make it a more useable, warm blanket but it is heavy. It no longer has the soft, flexible feel of a knitted/crocheted blanket. I would only use flannel if I was looking for extra warmth. If you just want a light backing, I think I would use a soft cotton. Fleece might even be a better choice than flannel for a warm blanket.


The blanket I re-homed had a black and white cotton fabric in subtle or small print.
The maker had done a fantastic job using the blanket as a frame for the cotton on back. (If that makes sense.)

Almost like the fabric was an inch or two smaller, so she folded the knit work to cover the cotton edge. Similar to quilt binding…maybe?

It held up well. A single man who tossed everything in the washer and drier and moved several times…didn’t ruin it.

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