January 2024 Chatter

I am also planning on folding the edges over. Though admittedly, despite planning that on paper, I didn’t make the first column on either side a solid blue color as I had meant to :woman_facepalming: so I’ll just do my best abd see what happens.

@lovestostitch kiddo will be born in February so I’m probably safe with flannel, but may do a cotton…might depend on the fabric patterns I find. My top is pretty busy so something lighter in color and not super busy might be better. We have a really cool quilt fabric store nearby with really cool and unusual designs (expensive too!:rofl:) and so I might look for something there that is a bit more unique.


For F O Friday,
It’s Gnickolas the Gnew Years Gnome


I suppose it is FO Friday! I just finished this initial C copied from a medieval psalter. It’s inhabited by two monks whom I have dubbed Brother Natural and Brother Sharp. In reproducing these two figures, I have become quite certain that the expressions on these two are entirely intentional on the part of the illuminator and, I imagine, are heavily inspired by other monks he knew. :smile:

Practice piece, so not the neatest work. Mostly gouache and a little ink on vegetable parchment.


Beautiful as usual! What do you do with your illuminations?

What are the little red bars behind the monks’ heads?


Most of the practice pieces I store in a folder for later reference. The others I frame. I think the bars are representing something on the hoods of their robes, but I’m not entirely sure what.

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My boys don’t like to wear next to skin everything what I’ve knitted. So, I usually have them wear a pair of thin cotton socks underneath the itchy wool ones. No problem with that.


Recently, I haven’t been knitting much for myself or family. The last FO of the previous year was a sample knitted sweater for Woolyknit yarn shop. It took me about 2 months to finish.

I counted all my knitted garments in 2023 and found that I made 14 garments and accessories for myself and my family, as well as 131 mostly chunky cardigans, sweaters, and some dresses (I think 6) for my work last year.

This year, my goal is to make at least 2 garments a month for myself or my family and use yarn from my stash. I need to clear some space, as I bought about 10 kg of yarn last year. I will allow myself to buy some wool if it’s a good value or an urgent need.


This is so lovely.
Wow! You had a very productive and busy year.


Woke up today and the news is talking about absolutely wild weather in parts of the US.
Tornadoes in January in Florida and warnings in several states. Washington state and other states are getting lots of cold and snow. I just heard almost every road in Iowa is closed. (Lake Tahoe, Ca was -3 and -4 on Sunday night.)
I’m in the Sacramento valley. It’s much easier here.

You guys doing ok? I guess the bright side is that all the snow storms and wild rain storms gives us more time to sit and craft.

Stay safe everyone.


So sorry about the awful weather you are getting in the US - hope you all stay safe and it passes soon. We’re only getting high winds and icy rain, but I’m still staying in as much as I can.

I have actually done a bit more on my stashbusting: I worked patterns from two books I have neglected to produce these buggy blankets using odd balls of sunshine yarn ( the parts that look red are actually orange, but the light was really weird outside today.


I have severely cut back my social media, so I am just learning that Mohair is popular right now.
One of the close by LYS sent a newsletter and talked about how popular it is and they might be doing workshops with it.

I have some mohair in my collection. What would you all make using it? Or, what is popular to make with it currently?

Thanks for any help. A quick internet search showed sweaters and socks.

@Lemming13 those are so cute. Good job on using some stash to make them.

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I just learned about the mohair craze too. I know doing fingering or lace weight held together with mohair for socks is really popular, but the resulting socks will be really warm. I’ve decided to pass on this particular craze because I don’t need help staying too warm. I’m 46 and live in the desert so I’m usually too warm!:hot_face:


I will admit that I know very little about Mohair. Here is a site to help others who may not know much about it. Also, there are pages of patterns. (paid)

This site has info as well. The link for the lace-chevron takes you to a free pattern.

The end product looks very delicate. So…not the best for someone with a new kitten. But, perhaps if I made a hat or a scarf. If I made anything else I would take so long I would have to wait for next winter to use it.


I went to my Knit and Natter group today and found that two of the members have just learned they are about to get new grandchildren this year; for one it’s her 8th, for the other her second. So the two blankets have already found good homes! And my golden shawl came in very handy as the heating in the hall where we meet was not working properly, so I gave it to one lady who is particularly affected by cold in her neck and shoulders. Wonder if I’m becoming psychic? I hope so, because my latest batch of makes includes lots of Valentine heart keyrings…


Is mohair durable? I tried a merino-yak blend for socks and the yak pilled out of the merino and made fuzzy blobs in the harder wearing spots - like the sole. Without the yak, the socks are very thin.


@lovestostitch I just found a link that says… " Strong and resilient. Like many natural wool fibers, mohair is very strong and durable. Fun fact: Mohair is stronger than similarly-sized steel."


I have some old mohair that was given to me years ago. I will take a picture soon and commit to a project. Perhaps this mohair trend is my hint to use this wonderful gift.

@Lemming13 That is so wonderful! Very rare to find homes for 3 projects in one day. Woo Hoo! I would love to see the Valentine heart Keyring pattern. Do you think those would be a good craft to work on during a car ride.


I’ll be photographing them tomorrow I hope; the pattern is very easy, I’m sure it would be good for car crafting.

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I just checked wool2dye4 where I buy my yarn. They have added a merino-mohair-nylon sock yarn and they say it is very durable. Anyone know if mohair is itchy? When it comes to wool, the only one I can wear is merino due to the itch factor.

Super Mohair Platinum Sock wt yarn 20 / 55 / 25 Kid Mohair/Merino-SW/Nylon 438 yds/100 grams, sold in 5 skein packs > Merino Yarn > Wool2Dye4


Here’s my latest stash busters. First, the Valentine keyrings.

The pattern is on Youtube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsBe3lwCpQM

Then I did a snowman with a ball of sparkly yarn. TBH, I didn’t like the yarn, it was horrid to work with.

And I finally got back to my British birds booklet, with a Herring Gull.


The upside is that if you choose the right colors, it’ll blend with anything your new kitten sheds.