January 2022 Sock KAL - CHAT

This is the thread to chat about our socks. Share pictures of your yarn and pattern ideas here.

This month’s theme: Something new! Never tried helical knitting, mosaic designs, short row heel? Try something new and let us know how you liked it.

This month’s color: Something new to you. Never tried self striping yarn - try it this month. Never tried combining colors for scrappy socks - try it this month. Use your imagination!

I’m working hard on my thrummed mittens to get them finished so I can knit socks with my new needles! Does anyone have a plan for the “something new” they are going to try?

Would anyone like to donate a prize for this month?

I honestly am having trouble thinking of something I haven’t tried. Lol
I actually do have some things I wanted to donate for prizes though. Can I just send them to you to decide what and when and all that?

I found a fun pattern that I’m going to try this month. I don’t like lacy socks (in winter socks) because they let in too much cold air so I’m always on the lookout for fun texture.


Those are cute! “Socks are the new shoes” gave me a chuckle.

That pattern looks simpler than the spiral socks I did last Fall, I think they would make up quicker!
I have been wearing my handknit socks almost exclusively since October. It made up for the meshy-type sneakers that are not really great for cold temps, One of these days, though, I am going to get some cool clogs.

@PurlgirlButtons I do the same thing most of the winter. Lol warm wool socks and my regular shoes. I have work boots but heck if I’m putting those on every time I walk to the mail box or run to the grocery store. Lol But my daughter got some really cool, lined clogs and I loved them so I ordered some… They apparently run small so now my other daughter has some cool new clogs too.

:o I’m not trying anything new, but just doing a planned helical sock to get rid of the ugly tweed sock yarn for good! They aren’t going to match, which bothers me a little bit, but I’m trying to go with it,

Why not divide the yarn into two batches to make them match?


Do you all enjoy the monthly Sock KAL themes and having a special forum for knitting socks or would you be just as happy to share your sock projects in the monthly chat forum?

We had a member who donated a box of prizes awhile ago and that’s what we have been using for our monthly prizes. Now, we would need a donation each month if we were to continue with prizes.

Looking for your thoughts.

I do enjoy having the KAL themes but wasn’t able to participate very much over the past few months because of other commitments and projects. Having the prizes is fun, but even without them, it’s still fun to have the specific sock forum and the themes because that has helped me dip my toes into new ideas. I even made my first socks because this forum and the themes were such a big encouragement to me.

@KnitsWithHorses - should I feel insulted you have said I’m leading a sick group? :slight_smile:

I don’t participate much, mainly because I’m never in tune with the themes. I would post more pictures but I also don’t really like the idea of prizes.

My thoughts go along with @crosstitchlinda, the socks I make don’t seem to go with the theme. And I’ve both donated and been the recipient of prizes. I don’t tend to post pictures there if my socks don’t match the theme.

It sounds like you all want me to keep leading this “sick” group. :slight_smile: We need some theme ideas. Does anyone have a suggestion? Something that would motivate you to try something new?

Maybe if anyone has a favorite designer we could challenge each other to try? Especially if they have some free patterns and/or books that might be widely available at a library.

@KnitsWithHorses That is a GREAT idea!

I like the idea of a designer challenge but I think it would be really hard to find one that was accessible at libraries. I checked my library - no sock knitting books.

@lovestostitch Have you checked if your library has a digital loan setup? Most of them do these days and mine has a bunch of knitting books that you can view on a computer/tablet/phone the same as Kindle stuff.

Mine does too. I have been in rural districts with tiny libraries in the past so I know how that can be but I’m lucky to be in Tulsa City/County library system now. They have an incredible system and the availability of books is amazing. Plus if they don’t have it, they will do an interlibrary loan. I rarely go to the library in person these days because I listen almost exclusively to audio books.
A lot of designers have at least a few free patterns online so we could stick to those.