January 2021 Sock KAL - Finished Posts

@Pegg Thomas It’s a take on a k1 p2 rib.
Row 1) K2 P1
Row 2) K1 P2
Super simple!

@KnitsWithHorses Seriously? It looks like it changes as you go along. Must be how the color changes affect it.

@Pegg Thomas That’s it exactly. I love when that happens. I wish I could say I was clever enough to realize it ahead of time and plan it that way but I just got lucky. I wanted a bit of texture but I knew that an intricate pattern wouldn’t show up with the colors. I almost just did a regular rib but I’m glad I did this instead.

Love those!

Thank you @Kokoriffic :relaxed:

@KnitsWithHorses - Just looking at those socks makes me smile! :slight_smile:

Finished through the heels.


The colors and that texture really go well together. Very pretty.

First sock of the month completed.


That’s a cheery color for January!

I agree with @Kokoriffic that the color and texture are working together very nicely. Going to be pretty!

Very pretty!

Don’t forget to post a picture of your view if your sock color coordinates with your view. I can’t wait to see your view if you have those cheery colors to look at this time of year.

It’s kind of sunrise colors.

2nd Entry - Completed pair of socks.


Entry for option #4 - theme color.

Outside my window I see many winter colors. There is the white/gray of the snow and the gray of the sky. The red and blue roofs of my bird feeders. Also, we have lots of dogwood bushes and barberry bushes, which have red stems and red flowers/berries in the winter. My socks exhibit all of these colors.




Finished pair.


Theme - view from my window



Pattern: Thermal Sock


Beautiful view and beautiful socks!