It's @Char Birthday!!

[SIZE=18px]Happy Birthday @Char![/SIZE]

[SIZE=16px]We hope you have a wonderful day with cake & yarn & ice cream & yarn![/SIZE]

Aw - thanks guys!!! :fk::fk:

Yes - I am quite sick today. :frowning: sorry I am not around much but I am here in spirit!!!

Here’s hoping you feel better and can enjoy your day!

Feel better soon!

Happy Birthday @Char ! I hope you have a relaxing, enjoyable day, and feel better quickly.:fk:

[SIZE=14px]Happy Birthday[/SIZE], @Char [SIZE=14px]! Hope you get to feeling better soon! Besides, we always celebrate for a week at our house–so you still have time to celebrate! [/SIZE]

LOL, it’s a great day to wear the Birthday Crown!
Happy Birthday, Char!

Thanks everyone!!! Still stuck in bed sleeping (most of) the day away.

hoping to move to my crafting chair eventually. :fk::fk:

Happy Birthday, Char. Wishing you a future full of good will, smiles and lots and lots of yarnplay.

Happy Birthday, @Char! Thanks for all you do and hope you have a wonderful day! :fk:

You guys are just awesome. Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Char!!

Sending you a birthday balloon bouquet, lol!! :cool:


Happy birthday, @Char ! May this day bring you a lot of joy, happiness and knitting!

Oh no - sick on your birthday! I hope you feel better soon and get to celebrate on a different day. Happy Birthday!

Thank you guys. I spent the day in bed - sleeping most of it away. I have hopes of a better tomorrow for sure!!! :cool:

Happy birthday Char! I hope today sees you feeling better :slight_smile:

I am not up to par, but much improved. :-). I think I will even make it to my crafting chair today! :slight_smile:

Glad you feel a bit better. Your crafting chair could be your version of chicken soup.

Our school system sent a FB message yesterday that there would be no school tomorrow due to a flu outbreak in the district. Personnel will be disinfecting every school tomorrow. Asking parents to wash jackets & backpacks where feasible. Spray Lysol on stuff that can’t be washed.

Happy Birthday @Char :fk: Not keeping up with our forums for a bit (been watching Gson) and your in a chicken soup crafting chair. Get to feeling better soon. Take care of YOU :fk:

@TexasPurl that does sound bad!