It's @Char Birthday!!

Happy (belated) Birthday @Char !!!

Get well soon and have a bountiful year!

Thanks :slight_smile: I am feeling better today. Able to eat regular for the most part. Worked a full 12.5 hr day and now I am zonked!!! I think I will sleep in lieu of crafting. Maybe tomorrow. :o

Belated birthday wishes! I’m glad you are feeling better and I hope you’re off to the start of a great year.

Thanks! Generally if I can make it through January and February it is a pretty good year.

@Char Happy Birthday!!:tada::tada::tada:

Hope it’s a day filled with all the things you love! :fk:

Please keep @Char in your thoughts. Although it’s her birthday, she’s sick. Probably why we haven’t seen her on the website much today.