Is there already an established....

Do we have a forum for people to post PICTURES of what they have done? I’m talking knit, crochet, other hobbies all combined. I have always enjoyed seeing other peoples work. So inspiring and sometimes they will tell us how they did it or even share the patterns. I’d like to start that topic if it’s not been started already. Where would be the best place to start it?

I think that’s what the Project Blogs are for.

Hi Susan…do you remember where in R you used to look to see FO’s?

Hey @FreedomLover : I was thinking like KP has made available within the past year or so. I didn’t use Ravelry other than to search for patterns so I don’t know anything about their groups. KP had an actual section of ‘Pictures’.

@Rolinnge: What does FO stand for please.

FO = finished object

@ilexedits: Thanks! I had no idea.

I too was wondering why we have no picture section. Had no idea what FO was :stuck_out_tongue:

And FYI, UFO = Unfinished Object!

I think some time ago Admin asked us what we want first, marketplace or project facility and majority chose marketplace. So I am content to wait and am sure it is in making.

@5Xhappy: I’m content to wait as well. I didn’t know if anyone else liked that section and I didn’t see one. Also, if everyone was thinking, oh wouldn’t it be nice…but no one voiced it. Well you know. It’s out there now for whenever Admin can get to it.

For a Finished Objects topic would you want it under General or somewhere else? If create a category for Finished Objects you can use the album feature to browse:

I would vote for under General. This move has made me aware of new types of crafting and has helped me move out of my comfort zone and try a few new things. I think seeing finished crafts of all sorts could keep that momentum going. More importantly I think we build a more connected community if there’s one place to see what everyone is making.

Hi Susan and everyone. I agree that it is very important to have a place to post pictures of completed projects. In R, I had 168 projects posted with pictures and detailed notes. I found the pictures & notes of other people to be indispensable. As far as pictures go, the project blog idea is too limiting … you look at the persons picture, comment on the pattern or yarn , get a thank you from the knitter & that’s it. So an actual section of pictures would be a great idea until we can “create projects” in our own profiles. When I joined this community I also joined LoveCrafts and was “over the moon” to find that I could recreate my projects (from R) on my profile page there. Less room for actual notes. If the project uses a pattern that is listed for sale at LoveCraft (they have tons) then the project picture also shows up at the bottom of the pattern page as an example (similar to what was done on R). We need pictures!!

it seems to me there are already places where FO’s could be posted - either in an existing section of the forum for a particular technique
or, if not a fiber craft - in the General Forum - under the “Off Topic”

  • it might need another look, but it seems to me you can post to your profile, I know I have shared some stuff that way already -

BUt it may mean that folks would need to opt to follow you.

answering my own question, yes,you can make detailed posts to your own profile - but there does not seem to be a way to “automatically” notify your “subscriber/followers” that you have done so.
Nor, do I know off hand how many posts might be allowed per member.
Still, for your own record keeping, this might be a starting point until a better solution can be found for your personal record keeping.

Oh, I also forgot to add that on LoveCraft every time you create a project with a photo, it goes to the “community” page of photos. You can see all pictures there.
eta ; I meant to say you can see everyone’s pictures there.

interesting - something to look into - so it shows the photos and you click on links to get to the project page?

do you have the ability to NOT have your project shared to a community page?

@wheat: Yes, if you click on the photo it brings you to the project page. The project page can show more photos and also shows the person’s profile picture & other projects by them. It also must list the pattern used and the source, & may or may not give many more details about yarn used, size, modifications, etc. Also you can fave and/or save the project from the picture on the community page.
I don’t know if you can choose not to have the picture posted to community … will have to check.
You can also save patterns and projects in “collections”, and you can store free patterns and purchased patterns in your “library”.

Could there be standardized (i.e., not user-definable, but curated) tags such that if we want to only see FOs tagged as craft X, we get a filtered view?

And of course, if we could select multiple tags at once, that would be peachy keen too!!!