Hello from NW Michigan

I prefer the organization of forums as opposed to the jumble of social media so was pretty happy to stumble upon Fiberkind. I haven’t had a chance to explore much, but like what I’ve seen so far.
Home is a small yarn farm in NW MI where we have plenty of opportunity to wear warm, wool clothing. This climate suits my interests so well. A sentiment I try to keep in mind while shoveling snow.
I wonder, a lot, about how precious fabric used to be when it was all produced by hand and would like to find out. My main goal is to see how many garments can be made from 4 small breed sheep and 6 angora rabbits. The lofty goal is to have a small wardrobe of clothing made from my animals. A small achievement on the path to the main goal is to start using the fiber from my small flock of sheep and angora rabbits for something other than hats and mittens.
I look forward to reading through the interesting topics and learning more about all of you.

Welcome and enjoy your stroll thru the Fiberkind family of activities!

Hello, and a hearty welcome to FiberKind. How fun that you have yarn animals and can sustain your fiber habit! I look forward to hearing more about your activities. We have a lot of forums as well as groups, and you can be as active as you like. We love pictures too!


Welcome to FiberKind! I’m glad you found us. I’m hoping you are already seeing how welcoming we are, and you’ll soon find we can also be quite enabling! :slight_smile:

Do you also spin your wool? If so - you might be interested in our upcoming “Spin de Fleece”. There is some chatter and organizing going on currently

Spin de Fleece

If you need any help getting around don’t hesitate to reach out!

@Starlighthill Welcome! If you like to knit socks, we have monthly sock KALs with a prize drawing.


Hello! I grew up in Michigan! Welcome and enjoy this site.

Welcome, Starlighthill! I feel the same way about forums vs. social media. I look forward to hearing about your wool adventures and what you discover. I have no experience with making yarn, but it is interesting to me all the same.

Thank you. I am loving the stroll.

I see there is a lot to discover here! Thank you for the warm welcome.

Yes, I think will be a comfortable place to hang out.
Actually, Tour de Fleece is what drew me here. I was looking for someplace to join this year other than social media which is where I participated in the past. I’m so happy my search led me here.
Thanks for doing the hard work of Admin so we can all enjoy this forum.

Hey thanks for sharing that link. Socks are something I must knit in secret to avoid the family members hanging over my shoulder asking if the socks are for them. Just kidding…sorta. One of my goals was to have enough handmade socks to ditch the commercial ones, so I’m on my way to join.
My uncle lives in Lisle, Ill and my parents were from Elmhurst. I’ve been in your area many times.

Thank you. I will.
What part of Michigan. I’m from Muskegon.

Hi and thanks for the welcome. What fiber crafts to you enjoy?

I grew up in Southfield which is a suburb of Detroit. We lived in Midland for about 7 years before we moved to Indiana. As a child we had a cottage in Caseville, in the Thumb.

@Starlighthill I grew up in Portage MI :slight_smile:

@Starlighthill I am happy to do it. I’m actually the happy owner of the site. So - if you see anything going awry, I’m your gal. :fk:

Welcome! My favorite thing to knit is sweaters. Are you a sweater knitter? I have seen some beautiful knit coats but never wanted to invest in that much expensive yarn. You could totally do that!

I envy your weather. Here in California we rarely need a coat. Or hats or scarves. It’s a bit depressing for me. I grew up in New Jersey, but my mom was from Michigan & Chicago.

I can knit and crochet and, hopefully, soon will be sewing again, but so far I’ve just been watching sewing tutorials and studying my sewing machine manual. I have to pick up a few things like sewing machine oil and bobbins (my list is growing).

Congratulations on a wonderful site and thank you for providing us a gathering place. If I need help, I’ll holler.

Three Michiganders. I live up by Traverse City.