February 2024 Chatter

Happy February! A little late :slight_smile:


Yesterday I finished my son’s graduation quilt top. He loves programming. He has accepted Purdue University for mathematics.

I’m hosting a “day camp” for my quilt guild at Town Hall. Everyone loves the new Town Hall and is anxious to come again.


I’m staying at my dad’s and I’m happy to see he’s doing well and loving his dog

halti ja faija


Beautiful quilt! What a nice space at your Town Hall.


It’s great that he has a dog. They are such good companions - and such good listeners!


I am sure you all have heard about the storm Ca is experiencing. It is technically a cyclone. It kinda stalled a bit coming in. Which gave me a bit more time, so I ran out and bought a few things. including a cooked chicken…in case the power went out. We were home ten minutes, then the winds began in earnest. My property is okay. My people are okay. The winds were at a steady 40ish with almost 70mph gusts here in my part of the valley.

So many people lost power the local power companies site crashed. Some schools and such are closed in my area today. Of course roads are as well and power is still out to many.

Another day of storms today as the huge storm continues to move across Ca.

I wasn’t able to concentrate on crafting thru yesterdays storm. But, I do hope to spend a lot of today working on a baby blanket.


I went to a funeral on Saturday down in a city named Turlock. The most beautiful facility I have ever seen. Wow. I could have stayed for hours just exploring the numerous acres and the main building itself.

While there I noticed my son had a can of oxygen in his back pocket. He explained he had a weird feeling that he needed to buy it and bring it along with him to the funeral. .

Anyway…at the reception, we almost lost another elderly gentleman. He went from a nice healthy pink color to a weird glossy grey right before our eyes. Someone said he was choking. He wasn’t. His body had froze up for some reason. They were able to massage the mans throat and jaw enough to open his airway and use the canned oxygen. The canned oxygen helped the elderly man. His color came back to pink just before the ambulance arrived.

My Life lessons: Listen to those ‘weird’ feelings. And…go to the store and buy some canned oxygen for emergency use.

(Please note: I am not a doctor…and not offering medical advice. Canned Oxygen may not be a good idea for everyone. )


@sheiskanen Is your father’s dog a Finnish Lapphund? I encountered one for the first time when I went to the alpaca farm at the end of last year.


yes it is - how cool that you recognized it - where was this alpaca farm?


Wow! I bet your son will forever listen to that inner voice.

How are you doing today with the storm? Is your power back on? Our power went out for two hours the other night. No storm at all so it was really unexpected. We lit some candles and the fire (gas logs) and enjoyed a nice chat by the fireplace.


In Colorado, USA. Blazingstarranch.com

The ranch has 3 Maremma dogs and one Finnish Lapphund, if I remember correctly his name is Eloi. Such a nice dog!


My son works at a small town high school. Two days after helping that gpa with a can of oxygen he needed it again.
A teen girl, for no apparent reason, Collapsed at the door of a classroom. Just dropped to the ground and hit her head hard on the way down. He was able to make sure her airway was clear then give her oxygen. She regained consciousness and was absolutely terrified.

The sad part…My son was the third person on scene and the only person who was beginning to do anything about it. So, he had to get bossy and order people to call the emergency and to clear the area…etc. The ambulance arrived 15 minutes after they were called. She was alert and her sister rode with her to the hospital.

My power only flickered. I think I am on the same power grid as several important govt buildings and a gas storage area.

We had been saving up and did go out and buy the smallest jackery battery back up thing. We were able to buy it, bring it home and charge it before the worst of the rain and wind arrived. I highly recommend buying one of these things. My son has one from a different manufacturer and it works great. He was the only one in his area with lights and wi-fi during his power outage.
It can be used for lights, a small fridge, a c-pap machine…all sorts of things. It is small and relatively lightweight.

You can charge it using your house electricity -or- you can purchase solar panels and charge it that way.

I had to drive in the storm yesterday. To Travis Afb and back. They were mostly clear of standing water, which is wonderful. However, the lane lines were often completely invisible or looked mis-marked because of relabeling due to construction. We made it safely and my husband was a great passenger. (normally he drives. but, he had a procedure and had a fantastic medicine induced power nap…lol)

I took yarn…but was too nervous/concerned to craft.

Worked on my needle work baby blanket last night. it’s coming along nicely. All the main characters are cross stitched in. I haven’t decided whether to work on outlining them or move on to the other items. It would be nice to see the little characters faces. Right now the elephant is a weird blob of orange and white. lol.


We had snow this week - one hour of a driving blizzard, followed by two hours of freezing rain, so the worst we had was a couple of inches of slush on the roads and white rooftops making the local cannabis factory a dead giveaway (no snow on the roof = hot growlights in the attic…). I’ve been doing a bit of crochet from my toasty warm armchair and listening to audiobooks.

I finished this aran cowl for my son just in time.

These are for an upcoming easter fair.

And this is a stashbuster baby blanket for another of the ladies at our crafters group.


That town hall is really snazzy!


I don’t think I mentioned that I was having another sinus surgery, but I had it yesterday and am doing okay now. My whole face feels sore and “scraped” because they cleaned out all my sinus cavities and then shaved down some bones and removed overly-inflamed tissues. It doesn’t hurt anywhere near as badly as the one I had in December 22 because they didn’t have to reshape my septum and stick a giant splint in there this time. I am functioning pretty normally already, I just have to be careful not to stand up or move my head too quickly. I’ve been working on the design for a cell phone purse I’m making for my sister and will start knitting on that soon. I hope I can get caught up with everything soon and get back to being more involved here as I recover!


@Nyssareen I hope you recovery very quickly. Glad you aren’t in the same level of pain as before. I would love to see the cell phone purse when you finish it.

@Lemming13 I love your work. The cowl looks cozy. Is it green? and the little dolls are adorable. Will you be selling them at the fair? That blanker is perfect. Your friend is going to love it. Did you have a pattern for it? I love animals.

(As a heads up…there is a cold of some sort going around Ca right now. Some people are out of work for a day. For others it is hanging on for a while.
It’s our turn to have it. Hubby brought it home from work. Fast moving. From a tickle in the back of the throat to sinus congestion within hours. So far normal cold symptoms…nothing weird or sus. ) Stay well everyone.

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Thank you! The cowl is green, and very soft. The easter things will be sold at the fair to raise funds for a local hospice for sick children. The blanket was based on a pattern from Crochet Now magazine, but their version is for a double bed - 54 squares instead of my 9! And I added a crab stitch edging to neaten it up.


Will you guys be crafting and watching the Superbowl today?

I might be swatching something out while everyone else watches the game😁

I am going to make a cowl for a friend, which I normally wouldn’t swatch, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of a particular color she asked for in the yarn I chose without doing a special order. I have the right color in a different yarn, so I’m going to try mixing two different fibers, which means I’m swatching to see if they can work together.


@Nyssareen Feel better! Glad your surgery went well.