February 2020 Sock Knitting Chatter ?

Greetings All!!

I do hope your New Year is off to a great start! It has really been quite “new” and exciting for me! I’ve been a little busy with my Accounting business, so I haven’t been able to craft much, but I really plan to after January is behind me! It does slow down some when that happens.

Our pattern of the month is from Cascade yarns – I think this would look nice with some pretty hand dyed yarn:
Heritage Golden Socks

A special thank you to Cascade Yarns for their kind permission to use their photos!

Our theme this month – Lace – it’s time to start thinking spring, and I am itching to get some lacy spring socks done

Our color of the month – pink or red (It is Valentine’s Day after all) @Rose the Rebel - sure why not!

You may also choose any pattern you would like.

Show me what yarn and patterns you choose!

@knitter131 is donating a skein of sock yarn for our prize in February! Thanks you!!! I will get a picture soon.

I agree that’s a really nice pattern.

Thank you @knitter131 for donating the February prize.

What if we tried to dye a yarn pink but it ended up reddish orange? Do we get credit for effort? :slight_smile:

@knitter131 Thanks for donating a prize!

YES! (You might post a reminder - preapproved for color!)

Hmmm…I have some handspun and handdyed Icelandic yarn that is variegated with black and pink with of bit of gray (I think that was the original color of the wool, maybe). I bought it several years ago at a farmer’s market and still haven’t knitted it up. I think this Cascade pattern would still work with that type of coloring, despite the variation of color in the yarn. As much as I’d like to buy new yarn, I think I will make this my goal to knit this up! Again, another stash buster! So, I will cast on with the Cascade pattern! I’m not expecting them to be the softest of socks, but certainly think they should be warm. I wonder if I should also use some nylon thread since there is no nylon in the yarn, or would the Icelandic be tough enough without the nylon? I do have some handspun singles of white Lincoln longwool that I could use for reinforcement, but it will definitely make it more of a thicker yarn to knit.

ETA: As I look at the yarn, it doesn’t look very tightly spun, so that does make me think I should at least add some sort of reinforcement, unless Icelandic wool is extra tough. I can’t seem to find any information along those lines, so I would welcome any experience or advice in this arena!


Oh, your yarn is such a pretty mix of colors, can’t wait to see how the socks work up.

Do you by chance have wooly nylon? I often will use wooly nylon to reinforce heels and it works quite well. Lovely yarn :slight_smile:

Just another thought–I wonder what would happen if I would ply the Icelandic yarn with the Lincoln longwool and then knit it–it surely would make it easier than carrying along 2 extra skeins of yarn since I usually knit 2 at a time and already have 2 skeins! Then it would also maybe give it extra twist as well. (and also more of a marled look) (So maybe this post should be in the spinning forum, unless some of you sock knitters are also spinners!) :slight_smile:

@rkennell I have some experience with Icelandic yarns. The ones that i have worked with seem to come apart easily; I suspect the lack of much twist may be part of the problem .
Which yarn do you have? The ones that I have worked with seem too soft for socks. They are extremely warm however. And a bit rough.

I also like the pattern, but LOL the independent thinker in me sees the texture of this wonderful stitch pattern as fish scales, fun to knit in shades of blues-greens-teal-aqua-turquoise… mermaid socks!
(even though mermaids do not have feet, they have a fish tail)

This is some handspun yarn, but I think it does seem a bit too loosely spun (singles are a 60 degree twist) and plied (about a 75 degree twist). I wonder if plying it together with the Lincoln longwool would make it a bit sturdier. Or scrap the sock plan altogether and use it for a hat or mittens!

LOL–it totally would work as that! :slight_smile:

Are you at all sensitive to rough wool? It might not make comfortable socks.

I was also looking at the pattern curious to know how it would look with striping yarn. If it could come out “just right” so every set of waves (or scales LOL) were a different color. Oh the possibilities.

I am so glad the pattern is well received.

@Char --I do not have any wooly nylon, but I did think about using that. @lovestostitch – I’m not particularly sensitive to rougher yarn, especially on my feet. I almost think it would bother me less there than on my head; my scalp tends to itch more than my feet, since I have thinner hair. But still not sure–I may just make a hat out of it! The thing is, I have some of the same yarn in shades of brown. The gal who sold it to me said they do knit their yarn into socks, so I thought it would be a good choice.

@rkennell - would you like me to send you some wooly nylon? I can wind some onto a bobbin and send it along if you would like.

My feet don’t seem to mind rough yarn but my ankles sure do. I’ve given up on any wool yarn except merino.

@Char --you are so kind! I would be happy to pay you for it and for the shipping if you have extra you aren’t using. Do you buy it in large amounts? If not, I will be happy to get some online. I know our local Walmart doesn’t carry it, although maybe a fabric store would. I think I might give the socks a go with this yarn.

@lovestostitch – I might change my mind about the yarn after doing this. To be honest, I think I’ve only made socks out of commercial sock yarn (or thicker worsted slipper socks that I made when I first learned how to knit socks), so maybe I’ll change my mind after these are done! :slight_smile:

@rkennell I do have a bunch - I’ll send you some off in the mail tomorrow. You don’t need to pay me for it :fk:

I’m going to try the Wave and Box mosaic pattern with red and white.


ETA: I’ve got my yarn wound and ready to go!