Electric Eel Wheel Nano

Anyone else here in on the Kickstarter for the EEW Nano? I accidentally ran across it when I was in the hospital last fall, wondering what I’d be able to do when I got out so I signed up. Now it’s shipping and I’ll have it on Thursday! I never really had much use for an e-spinner, but this was just too darn cute!

I missed the Kickstarter, but got in on the preorder. I knew nothing about it until my spinning friend mentioned it. I have no willpower. I hope you post when you get yours! Exciting!

I will. It’s supposed to arrive on Thursday.

That is exciting! When I saw the video that he made showing how quiet it is, I started getting interested. It is a cute little thing! :wink:

I just got my shipping notification email this morning!!! Now I will probably be checking that tracking number till the keys wear out on my keyboard! :eek::smiley:

I got my shipping notice last Saturday, but it didn’t get picked up until Monday so I was on pins and needles all weekend waiting for a text with the arrival time. I signed up for text updates with USPS so I could track the progress.

That is exciting!!! I can’t wait to see a photo.

Me! Mine came on Monday. After fiddling around with the tension a little, I’m really enjoying spinning on this little guy. Sometimes my foot tries to reach for the nonexistent treadle when I turn it on, but then I realize, ahhhh, no need, I don’t have to work so hard. Lol. I bought the little igloo tote for it this morning. Everything fits perfectly inside it, with room for fiber.




It’s here! I was walking out to the barn and the postman drove up! Only took a few minutes to get it up and running. Now I’ve just got to finish a few errands and I can spend the rest of the evening spinning!


I get mine today, since my paradise fibers box has been delivered I assume it has been too, but darn sleeping babies mean no trip to the mailbox till hubby is home lol… I was hoping with 2 boxes they would have to come to the house, but no such luck.

I had to have my husband super glue the pully but now we are good. I personally like my 5.1 better, but for 2.5 more $ I probably should lol. My bigs don’t get home till tonight and they are the ones that wheel is really for. I still think they should of all listened to me when I said they needed to practice drafting, def think that is the hardest part of spinning on an spinner.

Squeeeee!!! I am so excited to for you. I love that purple fiber too…

Really cool! And nice idea about the bag.

My husband is not gonna let me play with ya’ll anymore. I just ordered one and it’s allN ya’ll’s fault. Lol

I think it will be a fun thing to play with and it is spinning beautiful laceweight yarn. I don’t think it has the power to do something heavy, but I could be wrong. I figured it would be an economical way to find out if I’m really interested in owning an e-spinner.

I agree it is best for the finer yarns, I was hoping I could ply more with it but I may just have to keep that to the main machine.

It’s ok to come to the dark side :slight_smile: lol

Happy to help!

What do you mean about superglueing the pulley?.

1mowmow - On some of the Nanos, the pulley on the motor shaft isn’t secure so it turns freely instead of driving the flyer. Just needs a dot of glue to secure it.