Do we have any thread crocheters here?

I love crocheting with thread, my favorites are filet and tablecloths using filet or pretty much any style … I love the challenge. My favorite size thread to use is size 10, although I have started using size 20 with tablecloths because the size 10 makes them very heavy. I also like to use beads in my thread crochet. What are your likes and dislikes? I design a huge variety of filet crochet patterns, using simple charts and sometimes I write out row by row instructions. I have no problem customizing to the customer. Have a wonderful day. :slight_smile:


I consider myself a “doggie mom” too! I really love crocheting with thread but prefer making garments; I used a size 10 cotton to create the Yesteryear Top (Interweave Crochet Summer 2018) I would like to start a filet project, perhaps Praying Hands.I think I may have the graph somewhere–LOL.

Kathy, I love doing doilies and filet pictures. Crochet thread was one of the most used fibers when I was first doing crochet. I still love it after 70+ years. I’ll have to take a look at your filet designs. I love to make name filet pieces for wedding gifts.

I would love to see some of your projects. My mom loved loved loved making those huge round doilies that you had to put coke bottles around, to hold up the ruffles while the starch dried, they were beautiful. I don’t know what happened to them, they disappeared over the years similar to this one I found at


I use to make christening gowns for family and friends with thread, a lot of time and work, they are keepsakes now. I prefer making clothing out of size 10, it just feels right to me. :slight_smile:

I have done thread crochet but prefer DK yarn. However I plan on crocheting a table runner out of connected doilies I will make. Included is my doily I found on Pinterest. It was called sea foam I believe.


That is stunning! I love intricate doilies!

I’ve love all types of crochet and have used thread from size 30 up to yarn 6 weight. I’ve done some curtains, doilies, but my favorite is a dishcloth from size 10. Unfortunately, we ended up with water in the basement from a broken pipe not long after we moved and my patterns were all down there. I’m afraid that pattern was lost, however, I keep hoping it was just misplaced with all the confusion and mess.


So pretty! I love all the different size threads, although I tend to head for the size 10 more than the others. lol… I hope you find your pattern… nothing sadder than losing patterns. I designed a tablecloth pattern with peacocks in the center to be beaded and got 1/3 of the way crocheted, and my computer quit… somehow my pattern came up missing during the file transfers to a different computer. :frowning: I keep looking, hoping it got mixed up with something else. So, for now, I have a long dining room tablecloth a third of the way finished taunting me… lol

I crochet (and knit) with thread to make miniatures, but nothing bigger. All of my things are dollhouse-sized. I mostly use #10, but sometimes #20.

I love miniatures, they are so delicate and adorable. Myself… I have not the patience for it, but so admire those that do. I would love to see some photos of your miniatures if you can share. :slight_smile:

@Kathy here are some pictures:






OMGosh the pillow shams on the bed are just toooooo sweet! I love the little cutie outfits too, and the crocheted afghan and matching pillow on the couch… oh… so amazing, you are so talented with this.

@Kathy you’re too sweet! I’m impressed by the stamina the rest of you have for bigger projects!

I love thread crochet! I have made a lot of doilies, bookmarks, etc… Here is a picture of one doily I made for a swap many years ago <3


Hello! Love to see thread crocheters here! I don’t make doilies, though they are absolutely gorgeous. I have no use for them & don’t want to just throw them in a drawer. I enjoy table linens, wall hangings & flowers.




I am a thread crocheted as well! Dog mom too! : ) I used to love to crochet doilies and many moons ago I crocheted this beautiful filet table cover for my pastor. It was a cross with ribbon at the bottom. It was crocheted in white thread and he would lay it over a red cloth and. Use it on the communion table. I still have the pattern and have thought a few times about attempting another.

I’m a thread crocheter! Currently working on a table cloth for my mom. It will be 70" x 126" when I’m done and will be for the formal dining room table we all sit at when we eat with her and Dad. The will be married 50 years in September, but I don’t think I’ll be finished with it by then, most likely it will be finished by this Christmas. And I’m also working on a table runner for my sister, I am almost done with it. I love working with thread, especially in the summer months, it is so hot here in Alabama, I can’t work with yarn in the summer months.

I love thread crochet. Filet crochet is one of my favorite things to do. I just finished a runner last week which I’ve yet to block. Then I started another one which is an Elizabeth Hiddleson design.
Years ago when I still had decent vision my favorite was size 30 thread and a 14 hook but now it’s size 10 thread and a 7 hook. The joys of aging. Lol
Looking forward to seeing everyone’s beautiful projects.

It sounds lovely! I love using darker satins and velvets under thread doilies and tablecloths, it brings out the design and gives it such a classy finishing touch.