December 2021 Sock KAL - Finished Posts Only - No Chat Posts

This thread is for your finished socks. Posts should be finished socks only but you may give compliments as Comments below the post. We do this to make it easier to pick a winner with a random number generator. Please feel free to chat away in our Sock KAL Chat thread.

We have a prize drawing at the end of each month. The prize winner is selected by random number generator and each entry is a chance to win the prize. You are eligible for up to four entries. Please make a seperate post for each entry. You may post the following entries: [LIST=1]

  • Picture of the first finished sock (or two through the heels). Any socks started this month count.
  • Picture of a completed pair. Any socks completed this month count. Socks started before the beginning of the month may be finished and entered as a completed pair.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses a pattern that goes with the monthly theme. Please include the name of your pattern and how it coordinates with the theme.
  • Picture of a finished pair that uses the featured color. [/LIST][B][U]This month's theme[/U][/B]: Gift Giving! Knit a pair of socks for someone else.

    This month’s color: The recipient’s favorite color.

    This month’s prize: Thank you to @PurlgirlButtons for donating two skeins of Mani-Pedi yarn - see post #3.

  • One sock finished.


    This month’s sock KAL prize.


    @PurlgirlButtons - Thank you for donating this month’s prize. Pretty colors!

    Finished Pair. Knitting socks with 8 ply is fast!


    One sock finished.


    So pretty!

    Since I’m not going for the prize, I will just post the finished socks which fit the category for themes and color as they are a Christmas gift for my husband, and he only wears brown, black, or military green socks. The style is a toe-up simple k3 p1 rib with a slipped stitch gusset heel. The yarn is Patons Kroy FX in Cascade Colors, two different dye lots, lol. He’s already wearing them, so I didn’t get a picture on the sock blockers!


    Already wearing them is a good sign! Lol Crazy how different the two dye lots are but at least they coordinate. Great looking socks!

    Finished pair - except I plan to dye them.

    ETA: They turned out interesting. It’s hard to tell in the pictures but the yarn’s halo is very purple but underneath is more blue. It’s definitely easier to dye skeins over knitted socks. I only did it this way because I thought I wouldn’t have enough yarn in the first, partially used skein. I thought I would be using yarn from a second skein. I also noticed when the cuff stretches, you see blue.




    I hope you show us how they come out after you dye them. I had fun dying yarn with my grandkids but I bet they would love it if they got to dye their socks.

    @KnitsWithHorses - I dyed them today. They are still in the pot cooling. The interesting thing about dyeing them after knitting them is there was a curling effect where I picked up the heel flap stitches. I ended up with a white line there. I mixed up some more dye, held the sock with tongs opening up that curl and poured dye on the white stripe.

    My first attempt was with a color I suspected would “break.” It did and the socks looked weird so I poured another color in. That evened things out a bit.

    Not sure if slippers count, but if so …

    started on dec 1st and finished on 10th - so this is for first ‘sock’



    This is for finished pair


    This is for theme - gift - given to my son’s girlfriend for christmas.


    this is for the color - This dark red is D’s favorite color!

    A pair of slippers for my son - also done in December (crocheted in 3 days)

    (first ‘sock’)



    Finished pair


    Theme - gift (to my son @ christmas)

    Those are BEAUTIFUL! I love the way the colors came out and I can imagine that it’s even prettier in person when you can see the subtleties better.