Chatter Thread - Spinning July & August 2021

Hi all,

Thought I would create a chatter thread for “after the tour”. Feel free to update us on what you have been spinning since the tour de France ended. Or what you’ve done with your Spin de Fleece yarn ! We love pictures !

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Chatter ! :slight_smile:

Okay I’ll start. I have done absolutely no spinning today! Oh, but I did thoroughly clean my spinning area with the vacuum and reorganized the tub with my now empty bobbins and flyers, etc. It sure felt good to tuck things back into place and to size up the next project. The last few days, in addition to the Spin de Fleece project, I’ve been practicing combing and hackling and dizzing last year’s Romney fleece out in our workshop, making nests for another sweater spin. Anybody else keep finding fibers turning up all over the house? I keep pulling them out of my cross stitch and occasionally out of my mouth! Ha ha!

I have to say…I didn’t quite know what to do with myself last night since I didn’t have to do my daily spinning. It feels ok to take a little break. I’m still trying to finish the handspun sweater I started in June, so I will try to get that off the needles very soon. And there is that new-to-me sewing machine. I started playing with the stitches last night. Wheeeeeeee!
Here’s the sweater progress, ready for #5, the blue. I know, bright. I still may overdye it with a light gray to tone it down, I will do some experimenting with swatches next time I dye before I decide.


How funny–I often do find fibers in our carpet and we don’t have any furry critters in the house (just birds). I’m going to have to sweep out our Explorer when we get home after doing all the spinning in here! I was so careful at the hotels we stayed at on the way to my folks, keeping it all on a big bath towel, but the black Shetland looked like lots of black curly hair! I made sure I cleaned it up thoroughly–I didn’t want to gross anyone out.

It’s such a good feeling to check off those items that you’ve completed and then decide on another! Sounds like you have some more fun in the works! Is the Romney a fleece you cleaned yourself as well?

Oh, Allison, it’s so pretty! Good for you. You motivate me to get my hap shawl started as soon as I finish spinning the Shetland. That new-to-you sewing machine sounds like a lot of fun–and now you can have time to play with it.

So I feel like I’ve dropped off the planet as far as the last few days of the SdF went. We were at my parents in FL and I really didn’t have any time to spin and really didn’t spend much time on the internet either, including FK. My folks are both older and we always spend our time there trying to do things around the house and yard for them and spending time just doing things with them, like doing puzzles with Mom and watching the news in the evening with Dad or going out to eat with family or friends. Lots of good seafood, which I sorely miss in central IL! But now that we’re back on the road to home, I want to get my wheel out again and try to finish up the rest of the Shetland, then I’ll probably wait to ply it until I get home since I’ll need to divide it up for plying. I’m eager to get that done and get started with it. This year’s SdF was a motivator for me to get busy and spin, whereas I would have probably not tackled that in the middle of the summer.

Hi @rkennell - yes, I did process the Romney myself right after Maryland Sheep & Wool went virtual last years - I found a shepherd/vendor with spinning background and thought I could support their efforts. I was fairly clean and easy to separate and wash - much bigger than the prior fleece but I washed it all in Spring of 2020 and have it all ready to comb. I bought Valkyrie combs last year and have started making combed nests - what a surprise to me that the more nests I make, the more tubs I need with all that air! It was just under 5 pounds and so I have enough to experiment with and to sort for various purposes - all good practice. I will be having combing sessions in between washing the next Shetland fleece when it arrives. (I do not want any unscoured wool in the house.)

It does feel good to move these things along. What will you work on next?

I admire so much the striping intervals that you have put into that. Just wonderful!

You had important things to do and will always be glad that you took time to be with your folks. Having a goal for the next weeks at home will feel good too. Doing even a little each day (or week, or month) is so satisfying - like a road block removed.

Very bright, but also very pretty :slight_smile:

I spun all but one day of the tour, and I am very happy to take a break from spinning for a little while. Although I do hope it’s not an entire year before I pick up the wheel again!

I’m happy to turn my attention to my charity projects, some crochet blankets and knit baby hats … so that’s going to be taking my time for a little while.

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I love the brightness! Will it keep the same colors with a gray overdye (just subdued?). I wonder what a light blue would do. Very interesting, please post a picture.

I’m glad I joined the tour challenge, it is the first time I’ve done that. I’m hoping I will continue each year. I played yesterday making punis with my hand cards and used 3 different fibers and 3 colors. I seem to be unable to post a picture right now but I will try again.
Says it is a webp image. I don’t known what that means but is a picture like I usually post…hmm. It is not from a webpage but from my phone.

not sure why it wouldn’t post before



I’m happy to hear that your family is your priority. I was just telling someone last night, who knows my love of sewing, knitting, and spinning, that it is sometimes difficult to not make it an idol. Going forward, I hope to do more of the paying it forward type of projects.

Beautiful! I especially like the 2nd one from the left.
Your picture reminds me that I have not used my blending board in a while.

Thank you…that is the variegated merino/silk roving blended with the white bunny hair.

I hope you got your fleece today.

Yes, Todd’s Shetland lamb fleece has arrived from Baize Shetlands in west Texas. It looks lovely. Lots to do now.