August 2023 Chatter

Hope it was okay to start this. Please remove or move it if necessary.

How is everyone doing. Things are busy over here with schools starting and last minute day trips and vacations thrown in. Local farms are harvesting some great fruit right now. Home gardens are demanding attention.
August is definitely a busy time. Anyone crafting and willing to share pictures to help motivate the rest of us??

My crafting has slowed down lately. Working on a black and green wool blend shawl. But, progress is slow and relaxing.


Two hats for a colleague who is expecting twin girls in August. Not pulled in the ends yet obviously.
I have twin children who are 24 now
Love that helix hat pattern! I try different decorative ribs instead of the rolled brim


So cute…two yarns or a self-striping yarn?

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love these.
The yarn is very nice.
Is that I-cord at the top? I haven’t been brave enough to try to make that yet.


Oh goodness I have been slacking! Thank you for starting the thread :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to “catch up” from the retreat. My brother’s wedding is Friday so I am getting ready to put on the binding.

Hope this finds you well!


Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying this summer. Unfortunately, we have had one of the coolest summers in recent years, with lots of rain and a lack of sunshine. But on the bright side, it has motivated me to knit more warm garments. Although I still have a number of tee patterns to make, I will save them for next year.

Currently, my work-in-progress (WIP) is an onesie for my daughter.

I also have a Champagne Cardigan by Petiteknit that I am waiting for the right time to add a placket.

Lastly, I have a Moby Sweater by Petiteknit for my husband, but it needs to be ripped out and reworked as the size is too big.


Wow, great work! I wish we could have some of your cooler weather. The grass is always greener…! :laughing:


@Natalia Your work is always so gorgeous! I cring at thinking of frogging your lovely cablework…:disappointed_relieved:


The hats are darling.

I’m a mom of twins, too. My boys are 43!

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Have you been to see Barbie? We went last week - even my husband loved it. I was surprised.

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I like this pattern because it uses mock cables, making it easy to do. Two evenings and I’m knitting fronts.

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My brother and his bride love their new quilt :slight_smile:


It’s perfectly gorgeous @Char :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That is just beautiful Char! :heart_eyes:


@Natalia what pattern is it?

Wow! That is a beautiful quilt!

The quilting pattern you chose is so cool - the swirls! I love them! Do you do the quilting free motion? Have a longarm? Or hire it out? No matter what is a beautiful heirloom that you have given them.

The other day I saw a quilt at the local quilt shop that I had thought for sure was done by a longarm…but no! The crafter did it all by free motion…I was amazed!


@Hellokitten No, I haven’t seen it. My daughter did and said it was what she expected it to be.

Whatever that means. lol. She went with a girl group who all wore some form of Barbie pink.

I am interested in the pattern name as well.
I like the separation of patterns going up the garment. And The idea that perhaps I could have a sweater or vest done within a month sounds wonderful. (you said a couple of nights then sewing up the front and back…but I am a slower knitter than that)

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This one I had done - too big for my machine. :slight_smile:

I can quilt smaller quilts on my machine but not this big. :slight_smile:

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Busy times over here with the garden and house chores. Crafting has slowed, but there is still progress being made on a green and black wool shawl.

Now, I have to start prepping for the possibility of a good soaking summer rain here in my part of California.

I am not too concerned for my own area. Rain will be welcomed. (we have a bunch of dry lightening caused fires up north that need a good soaking)

However, if… IF the southern part of Ca gets as much rain as some are predicting there could be some serious impacts. It is very rare for a hurricane/tropical storm to hit the So Cal /San Diego area. Pacific North West Weather Watch

I do plan on joining up and seeing you all on the Zoom calls again. Perhaps when the busyness of summer chores and family schedules settle down a bit.