Arne and Carlos Quarantine Knitting

@KnitsWithHorses learned about this free MKAL and shared it in the stash buster’s MAL thread. The first clue was released yesterday and a new one will be released each week day for the next two weeks. Arne and Carlos are fine but after returning from a sea voyage Norway has asked them to quarantine for two weeks, so they are generously sharing this MKAL so knitters in isolation know that they’re not alone.

The first podcast is on their website:

The clues are released on their blog:

There is also a FB group and participants are invited to post on IG.

This obviously needs to be blocked but I’m not doing so until I know what I’ve made.


Very pretty!!! I am trying to decide on my yarn and colors. I have a lot of DK weight I will likely use, maybe a little of this and that.

I do believe I will be honing in on my double knitting (soon to be) skills for this project. :slight_smile:

I’m doing double knit. Definitely way less hassle. Well after the cast on and first row it is. Colorwork in purl doesn’t bother me generally but my tension ends up looking sloppy.

In today’s clue they used blue and white like yesterday’s. I was expecting to see different colors so I’m curious to see what tomorrow brings. Is anyone on IG? Is it possible to mention Fiberkind in a post there?

One of these days I will have to learn Instagram. Hopefully someone can post there!

I love IG! All you have to do is put #fiberkind which I will start doing on all my knitting/yarn posts. :relaxed:

@FreedomLover If I ever manage to finish my square I will.

@KnitsWithHorses - thanks for the IG plug!!! Spread the word! :fk:

Thank you @KnitsWithHorses, I may have to join IG and do the same. I also need to learn more about posting on Pinterest.

Is anyone doing this “knit and purl” texture instead of two color knitting?

I tried it in knit and purl, but it really didn’t show up well. Frogged it.

Any guesses what this is going to be? I’m thinking ten squares might make a scarf or long cowl. I’ve still only knit the first square, my knitting time was limited yesterday and I’m working on a new pair of socks.

I haven’t started yet but I did mentally go through my stash. I agree it will wind up being something small like a scarf or cowl. I may make multiples and make it into a lapghan

Just in case y’all hadn’t heard, Carlos has tested positive for Covid 19. Arne tested negative but I suspect he just had a mild case and it has already passed out of his system. I kept wondering about that persistent cough of his. Thankfully Carlos is past the worst and recovering and it didn’t seem to get into his lungs.
I’ve finished my test knit and can sirens more time on my squares now. They plan to start making podcasts again next week.

Thank you for the update. It sounds like Carlos is on the upswing, which is good.

What colors are you doing your squares?

I hadn’t heard that, thanks for keeping us posted. With the free classes Bluprint is offering right now I’ve been watching that when I have time to watch anything.

@Char I’m using totally random stash colors. It may end up looking a hot mess! Lol

@FreedomLover I need to check those out. I think it was you who mentioned them earlier and then I totally forgot about it.

@KnitsWithHorses You definitely want to check it out. I’ve watched classes on knitting, sewing, gardening and weaving, and they have a lot more. There are also patterns, click on “Explore” then “Projects and Patterns.”