A First Make-A-Long

Hi Friends! Welcome to the new forum! We’ll be continuing the Make-A-Long that we started on July 4th over here. This month we will be reclaiming the joy of crafting by creating something we love. We started July 4th, will have weekly check-ins, and end on August 1.

PRIZE: A $6.00 USD credit to an Etsy shop chosen by the winner. A BIG thank you to KnitonaShingle for generously donating this prize!

If you would like to be eligible for the prize at the end please read the Prize Rules here. Once you have read the rules post a comment on this thread saying “I’m in and have read and agree to the rules.” Members who entered on the first forum should be on the list below. I will add newcomers as needed.

If you don’t want to be entered in for the prize, that is okay! We are happy to have your company as we craft along!

July 4 - Cast On!
July 11 – Check In #1, July 18 – Check in #2, July 25 – Check in #3
• On a check-in week please share your project progress. Pictures are encouraged!

Aug 1 – Bind Off
• To be eligible for a prize your must:

  1. Have officially entered the MAL (by reading the prize rules and commenting “I’m in and have read and agree to the rules.”)
  2. Post a Bind Off Post that contains:
    o A Picture of your project on August 1. Your project does not need to be done to be eligible.
    o Tell us how your project fits the make-a-long. This MAL was all about rediscovering the joy of making. Tell us what you enJOYed about making your project.

On August 2, I will create a spreadsheet of all the qualifying entries and use a random number generator to pick the winner.

Members currently entered for the prize:

Prize Rules: [LEFT]https://archive.ourunraveled.com/resources/policies/july_19_mal_rules.html[/LEFT]

Yay! We found our way here!!! I finished these socks about an hour ago! :slight_smile:


Okay, I found my way over! Thanks for the heads up!! This software looks easier to navigate

Yay! Glad people are finding their way over. :slight_smile:

Just arrived to our new site, will post a pic tomorrow of my MAL project, things have been hectic and so need to pin a section of it to show my progress!

I’m here! I started on another project since I finished my first already. Do I need to repost my finished project here?

Im iin and have read and agree to the rules. It’s late, and I’m super frustrated by all the hours I had to jump through to get here, I will post pics later

Here is my first check-in a couple of days late! Started this while on vacation in the Boundary Waters but haven’t gotten very far. Hard to knit in a fishing boat! Each row is 420 stitches, all garter, so its a bit of a grind! The yarn is fabulous so it makes up for the long rows!

Purl Soho Striped Scarf


I’m glad you’re here! You have been added to the list as well.

I am so glad you found it here!!!

Yay!! Happy that you found us! At the end of the MAL I’m asking everyone to post a “Bind Off Post” with a picture and details of the project, so you will need to repost but that can happen at the end. I still need to figure out the best way to organize it. In the meantime if you want to post your FO to show it off, that’s great! But posting for the entry for the prize drawing comes later.

I cast these on last evening. Working through the cuff then I will proceed into a simple lacy pattern. :cool:


I finally started last night! I am knitting a doll for my daughter. The head is needlefelted.


That is very cool!

@ILVLUCY thank you!

Just checking in. I’m not very far along and it is unlikely I will finish on time. But I knew that when I started on 4 July - just wanted to join in the fun having never joined a MAL/KAL.


I can’t figure out the picture posting, I’m so frustrated that I’m just going to go away, serve my rav time out and not deal with anybody for a few weeks.

I do hope you will reconsider… there are screen prints on photos in the tech support. There is a camera which will allow you to upload much easier than the mountain…

If they are too big, use the mountain, click on the upload tab, and “send to server”. That will bring you back to the first tab where you can resize. I have found about half the default works. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

I’m sorry this has caused you so much frustration and understand if you need to go. Know that you are welcome if ever you want to come back. Peace to you.

Some of the members put together a thread to work through these issues as well: https://vb.ourunraveled.com/forum/general/tech-support/890-adding-photos-to-a-post/page2 I also increased the size limit on pictures so that should make it easier as well.