2023 Spin de Fleece

Here is my fiber stash for SdF23. I am starting with the pink and weighed the bobbin that I will be continuing to spin my gray singles on.

and 2nd pic is Spin #1 of my combo/fade project that I finished up yesterday (not washed yet.)

I spun 4 hours this morning.

Started up with the gotland teeswater…

Finished the singles for the gotland… will let this rest and do the chainply tomorrow.

Moved on to start the singles on my blue. I don’t like spinning this as well as the gotland because it has silk in it and it is sticky… not as fine a single…thicker and more easily broken if i get too thin.

Day 1
I only got an hour and 42 minutes in and 26 grams. Started with some Merino/Nylon to practice spinning fine (should save that for my challenge day!) My fingers got sore so I switched to some WOTA. My husband informed me Friday that we were having a cookout today instead of Tuesday, so I spent a good deal of time mowing and some food shopping. For some reason, I felt really tired and took a nap, which is really rare for me. Now today I find out it’s just going to be my MIL and auntie, so it’ll be a low-key day.
I got my Greenwood Fiberworks order in the mail already, so that will be next after I finish one of the bobbins I started

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Day 1: Did my 30 min of spinning, no pics yet. Worked on my Dickens fiber from Inglenook.

I also was able to get two batches of fiber in the Inglenook update yesterday. I’ll show you when they arrive.

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Day 2 … 3 hrs 15 minutes…

I had some help today as you can see.

Finished the gotland and also have the singles done on the blue. Will ply tomorrow and will have to grab more fiber from my stash to statt another project.

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Day 3 … did 1.5 hrs this morning and 3 hrs this afternoon. So 4.5 hrs today.

Finished plying the blue and got all the pink singles done today.

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Day 2 Spun for 45 min. Haven’t spun yet today.

I’m not a spinner but I sure do love seeing you guys work your magic :sparkles:


Another 30 min done today.

Only about half the lowest bobbin was spun during the spin so far. I started the 4th bobbin today.


Day 2 Totals: 81 Min 31gm
Day 3 Totals: 211 Min 49 gm
I started spinning the Merino Bamboo Silk spinning over the fold

Love that color pink/purple … so pretty on your bobbin!

Thanks, anxious to see it plied to see if it at all goes with my dress😊.

Day 4 Totals
168 min
33 gms
I’m a little over halfway done with the pink/ purple MBS

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Day 4

About 2 hrs total…

Finished the pink …

And started another fiber …

Day 4, I did some spindle spinning while at my Daughter’s house. Not sure how long.

Day 5 30 min on my wheel.

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Day 5… only about 30 minutes.

Day 6. 3 1/2 hrs
Finished the singles for this fiber… will ply tomorrow.

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Finally a finished (even washed and dried) yarn. Approx 408 yds of 2-ply. Very happy with this spin and think it will be enough for the Same Thing Only Different shawl I have in mind. It is very very soft and drapey too.

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That’s gorgeous … love the green background as well. Really makes it pop. :slight_smile:


about 3 hours today.