2023 Spin de Fleece


This year’s Spin de Fleece will take place from July 1st through July 23rd.

Let’s start planning what we want to do. Anyone have ideas?

Want it low-key? Would you like prizes? Should we just chat and share?

Let me know what you want and I’ll try to make it happen for you. :slight_smile:

I’m in for spinning then. One of my favorite dyers will be doing a special colorway of fiber for the Tour, and hopefully I can get some.


which dyer is that ?

Inglenook Fibers

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They have some really pretty fibers… I looked at their website… :slight_smile:

(link for everyone else’s convenience.)

Here is the result of the 12 days of Christmas spin I did from them this past Christmas season. It is called Upon A Midnight

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That is lovely. Is that a 2ply?

Yes. I got a little fancy and spun half from one color to the next. The second half I split in two and spun each from one color to the next. Then I plied the first bobbin with the other two ( the second two end to end.)

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I found this on a facebook tour de fleece group . . .Thought I would share it here.

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Hey ! Only 11 days until the Tour starts …

I have some fiber lined up … I’ll try to get a picture soon …

Anyone else watching and spinning the tour this year ?

I plan on spinning. I have some new fiber from Inglenook Fibers to spin. Called Alpine Lakes and inspired by the lakes on the tour.

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Are you looking forward ? getting excited ?

Here is my first spinning project…

The blue is merino, silk and stellina. The gray is … well i have to go look that up. Lol.

I do plan to spin and have about 900 g of various hand-dyed WOTA and Merino/nylon to spin up. I may try to order some “Birthday” fiber just in case I run out!
I am currently trying to finish up a spin that I started last week so all of my bobbins will be ready.
I’m currently at our little house, so I brought 2 wheels with me and my trash bag full of fiber. I may try to start some fiber prep one of these days this week. It is very very humid, though, so I hesitate to take it out before it dries out a little. Friday, my b-day, looks to be the best weather day in the forecast!
I am experimenting this Summer with combo spins, mixing some singles from different braids and hoping for a fade-type quantity.

Here is my first combo-spin test.
Here is one of the singles.

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That looks great. I have some 60% Merino, 25% Mulberry silk and 15% Black Alpacs. 12 oz left to spin. That I think I will finish before I start on the fiber that was dyed for the Spin. The fiber I’m working on is Brow with some very light brown/almost yellow silk with the black . Looks nice. I can show you on Friday.

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I found a very simple free shawl pattern and ordered the Merino Bamboo Silk roving from Greenwood Fiberworks to possibly make and wear with this dress for a wedding Aug 5.
The pattern is called “Same Thing Only Different” by Cheryl Schumer

Love rhose spins. Very pretty.

I also like to mix different braids. You can double your yardage that way. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous fiber.cant wait to see the finished yarn.

Cleaned of my bobbin… this is some gotland teeswater i bought in 2018.

I will be continuing with the gotland, but starting with a fresh bobbin in the morning.