2021 Stashbusting MAL Guide & Chat

2021 Stashbusting MAL Guidelines

  • [B]Everyone starts at zero[/B] - Whether you join at the beginning of the year or mid-year.
  • [B]All yarn in your stash counts[/B]. [LIST]
  • Skeins counts as [B]+2[/B]
  • Partials are considered a ball & count as [B]+1 [/B]point when you use it up.
  • Points are rewarded with no regard as to how the yarn leaves your stash (projects, gifts, donations, trash, the dog ate it.)
  • [B]Using partial skeins[/B] - When a partial skein is used, earn [B]+1[/B] pt. When the remainder of the skein is used(which is now referred to as a “ball”), earn the other point. [B]+1[/B]
  • [B]Adding to stash - [/B]Whatever form new yarn comes in (skein, hank, ball, cake, etc.), it’s a skein added to the stash with a [B]-2[/B] point value. Gifted or donated partials add to the stash have a [B]-1[/B] point value.
  • [B]Spinners [/B]- Use your own discretion when adding spun skeins to your stash. [/LIST]

    General Rules:

    • A new thread will be added each week to post scores.
    • Please post your scores by midnight on Saturday, so that the scorekeeper can pick them up. The scorekeeper will be tallying the scores and posting them on Sunday.
    • Please make your score easy to be seen. Large numbers and pretty colors really help.
    [B]Weekly Scores[/B]
    • First (gold), second (silver) and third (bronze) will be noted on the scorekeeping list on Sunday, along with all the other scores.
    • If you have the largest negative total, you will receive the "Shoot the Moon" award.
    • The "Shoot the Moon" winner from the previous week will be responsible for posting the scores the following week. Year-To-Date scores will be tallied & posted by @TexasPurl monthly.
    • NOTE: If the "Shoot the Moon" winner is not available to post the scores, please contact @TexasPurl as early as possible so that scores can be posted in a timely manner.
    • The scorekeeper should post by 12 noon on Sunday.

    This is an on-going MAL. Feel free to join at any time!

    Remember, this is just a way to keep us mindful to use our stash before buying more.

    I do hope you’ll join us!

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  • I’m in for another fun year!!


    I am super new here. I want to join in stashbusting. Thankfully I was given boxes of yarn on Christmas (hand-me-downs) and won’t be used against me. However, I have a habit of buying new yarn just because it’s on sale. I hope this will help me keep from becoming a hoarder. I just started on a new cake of yarn today. I plan to finish it up in the next few days. My fingers are crossed for success.

    Welcome to stashbusting and to Fiberkind. If you have any questions just ask, we’re all glad to help.

    Welcome! We’re glad to have you. No pressure, but there can be some friendly teasing when one of us can’t walk past a yarn sale. It’s all in good fun.

    Welcome! I’m glad to see you join. My goal is to stay in front of @TexasPurl - I’m pretty sure she and I are here for the comic relief. :heart:

    I can’t wait to see what you make!

    I am in, and I have only one goal for the year: don’t shoot the moon.

    I’m in!! Hope to acquire some specialty yarn in 2021.:fk::fk:

    Welcome Joxgirl!

    Maybe 2021 will be much easier to navigate than 2020. I did lots of online “support small business” yarn shopping last year especially during the lockdowns in the spring. I felt grateful to be at work when so many couldn’t. But I bought way more than I had time to knit, (especially considering my big stock up in 2017 when my previous LYS closed.) I’m starting this year with a nice written inventory of all my stash along with pattern ideas for each larger # yarn, plus a shopping list of patterns I want to make so I buy stash intentionally if I am visiting a new shop or getting some souvenir yarn from a trip. Personal stretch goal: use up all that 2017 shopping spree!

    good goal!

    Okay. I’m in. I tried to start late in 2020, but just didn’t happen.

    I’ve created a spreadsheet to help me keep track. (if you want a copy of the spreadsheet, just pm me with your email address and I’ll share the google sheet with you.)

    Here’s to a much better 2021 !

    Thank you for your welcomes. I am working on a throw blanket for my daughter. I am using Bernat pipsqueak stripes yarn.

    Because of a crazy sequence of events in our family, I did zero yarn buying for almost the entire second half of 2020 so I’m honestly a little concerned that I may go a little overboard when I finally visit my favorite yarn shops in person. (If you’re ever in Tulsa you have to visit Get Stitchin!) The unreliability of shipping times lately will help me resist shopping online but when I’m right there, able to actually see and touch all the beautiful yarns I may be in trouble. That is still probably a few months away so I need to get to work getting a head start against that day.

    I’m totally in for the new year. I went MIA around October, but I hope to stick with it this coming year. As someone posted above, I think I will do an inventory of my yarn and then I will know exactly what I am working with and donate what I haven’t been using. We can bust these stashes together!

    I will be frogging several projects in January. Will partial balls from a scrap project be a -1 or -2? They may, or may not, be going immediately into another project.

    -1 for partials added to stash.

    @TexasPurl - Thanks.

    Looking forward to 2021 with the goal of using more of my stash, and purchasing wisely. (for my budget and craft needs)

    I like the idea of doing an inventory. Not sure I will get specific enough for a spreadsheet. Who knows…if the weather gets bad and the quarantine lasts much longer…I could have more time on my hands than I know what to do with. Then creating a spread sheet may just happen.

    Stay well everyone.