2020 Holiday Craft Along - Finished Thread

Please enter your finished handmade objects here.

I will keep a spreadsheet showing where everyone is that should allow you to view the spreadsheet, track where you are, and make sure I have everything accurate. Points will be awarded as follows (one point each): [LIST=1]

  • Starting a project (date, pic of materials/tools before you start)
  • Finishing a project (pic of finished project - projects started before November 1st may still be entered, and accumulate a point for finishing the project)
  • Your finished item is a gift
  • Your finished item is a charitable donation
  • You used a pattern designed by a Fiberkind member (marketplace or not)
  • You feel like your finished item is large enough you deserve an extra point for an extra "large" project - please express why and it will be reviewed. I've been trying to decide how to "quantify" this and I can't think of a reasonable way. So - plead your case if you feel like you need to, and we'll go from there.
  • If you used a yarn from a dyer or wool provider on Fiberkind [/LIST] Please post all information in one post. Be sure to bring the "chatter" to the chatter thread for random drawings!!! Ooohhhhhs and Aaaahhhhh over finished projects are always awesome too.

    I look forward to seeing all of your works of art!

    (If the mod of another make along allows, you may “double dip” here :slight_smile: )

  • I finished a stocking! I started it Sunday 11/01 but didn’t take a photo. It’s my own design in Tunisian Crochet.

    My points for this are:

    1. started 11/1/2020 - per @Char ok to post w/o pic this time :fk:
    2. Finished 11/3/2020
    3. FiberKind designer

    Total: 3 points


    Wow - I can’t believe that is crocheted. Those stitches look just like knitting. It’s a beautiful stocking!


    Beautiful sock! It really looks like you knit it. I must learn how to do Tunisian crocheting some day.

    So pretty! I like the icy blue and white.


    My first completed item is a scarf for charity. Yarn is Regia sock, two strands together to make a nice medium weight, warm scarf.

    2 points, completed project and charity


    Pretty colors!

    I finished another stocking!

    My points for this are:

    1. Started 11/4/2020
    2. Finish 11/6/2020

    Total: 2 points



    I love it!

    You’re rocking these stockings!!


    These are so cool!!! :slight_smile:

    I finished a gift for a grand niece! I started 11/2 finished 11/5. No pattern used. 3 points. Thanks to @TexasPurl
    for taking me on this Tunisian crochet journey. :fk::wink:



    How pretty!! You’re knocking them out!

    Thank you!!

    This Christmas Shawlette was started on 11/2, completed today. First photo was my “oops”, as I forgot to take a beginning photo.
    Yarn is hand dyed by our very own @LizB who sells her beautiful yarns in her Etsy Shop, “Yarns By The Bay”

    Started 11/2 = 1 point
    Finished 11/8 = 1 point
    Yarn from a FiberKind Vendor = 1 point

    Total = 3 points