#1 - Tunisian Simple Stitch - TSS

[SIZE=16px]Hello everyone! Let’s start our “Tunisian Tech” series with the Tunisian Simple Stitch!

Tunisian Crochet Basics -[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px]Tunisian crochet projects are made up of a Foundation Row, multiple Forward/Return Pass Rows and, in most cases, a Bind Off Row. [/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Use a hook 2-3 times larger than the yarn band recommends.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Always swatch for proper tension (personal recommendation due to the many variants with stitches/hooks/yarn)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]A video tutorial is available from Moogly.com HERE.[/SIZE] [HR][/HR] [SIZE=16px]The simple stitch is the most popular of the Tunisian techniques. Also known as the Afghan Stitch or the Tunisian Basic Stitch. For many beginners, this stitch has severe curl due to over-tension. The nature of the stitch is to curl slightly to the front of the work as the stitches are worked in the vertical stitch on the front of the project. With the correct hook and looser tension, beautiful projects can be achieved. This stitch is also the go-to in making "Graphgans" (stitching a photo or graphic in a project).

It’s always nice to have the video tutorial, however, you should also have the resources to read a written pattern as well. Below is the written instructions for TSS:

Begin this & nearly all Tunisian projects with a Foundation Row:[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px]Create a chain (later we'll explore different cast ons)[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px](1) Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px](2) Yarn over and pull up a loop. Leave that loop on your Tunisian crochet hook.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Repeat steps 1&2 across the row. This is your "Forward Pass". Don't turn your work.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Yarn over and draw through one loop only. (Yarn over and draw through two loops.) Repeat () to the end. You should have one loop on your hook.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]Those steps create your foundation row. You'll see your vertical bars across the row and proceed to make different types of stitches in the remaining rows of the work.

TSS with a single ended hook.

Tunisian Simple Stitch (TSS) is worked through the FRONT vertical bar.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px]Forward Pass - Insert your hook from right to left (assuming that you are right-handed), so that the hook goes behind the front vertical bar (keeping the hook to the front of the work, not front-to-back).[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Draw up a loop. Leave it on your hook. Repeat across the row to the last vertical bar before the left edge.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Last stitch of the forward pass - insert your hook under the both vertical bars of the last stitch (it should look like a v on the outer edge of the work) and pull up a loop.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Return Pass - Yarn over and draw through one loop only. (Yarn over and draw through two loops.) Repeat () to the end. You should have one loop on your hook.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]Continue making Forward & Return passes to your desired length.

Bind off row.

There are only a few times when the bind off isn’t necessary. It typically isn’t needed for most lace designs since that would close up an otherwise lacy project.[/SIZE]

  • [SIZE=16px]Binding off starts just as you would any other row. Insert your hook as you would for TSS.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Yarn over and pull up a loop. Continue pulling through the loop on the hook. You're only doing a slip stitch, just like any other slip stitch in regular crochet. Repeat across the row to the last stitch.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=16px]Last stitch - insert your hook under the both vertical bars of the last stitch (it should look like a v on the outer edge of the work) and finish the slip stitch. Chain 1, cut the yarn and pull through the loop to fasten off.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=16px]That's the Tunisian Simple Stitch or TSS! You've done it![/SIZE] [HR][/HR] [SIZE=16px][B]TSS with a double ended hook. - A very different result if working flat.[/B]

Using a double ended hook produces a very different result when working on a flat project. Due to the unique nature of the technique, you are no longer dependent on the length of the hook to determine the width of your project. You could literally do a king size afghan with a six-inch hook!

It also gives you the option of working in the round with the same six-inch hook.

We’ll explore double ended stitching in another session.[/SIZE] [HR][/HR][SIZE=14px]Some free patterns using TKS (video & written)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]Sweet Gingham Baby Blanket (Video)
Easy Blanket Using Tunisian Crochet (Video)
Wingspan Scarf in Simple Stitch (Video)
Simple Stich Fingerless Mittens (Video)
Pink Fantasy Infinity Scarf
Tunisian Crochet Washcloths
Tunisian Crochet Neck Warmer[/SIZE] [HR][/HR]
[SIZE=14px]Below are some examples of TSS. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14px]Lastly, the chart symbols for TSS & the return row if you have an opportunity to work with charted patterns:[/SIZE]





Can’t wait for my hooks to arrive so I can start the swatch and the pick a project to begin. Thank you @TexasPurl for taking us on this journey.

@TexasPurl This is awesome! Can’t wait to get started! Hopefully I’ll start on it this evening seeing what hook size is best!

@TexasPurl if I wanted to make squares to slip stitch together, would the slip stitch along the edges work for this?

Also, I’d like to make the squares somewhat even in size, thinking maybe I’d start with 30 stitches or so. What do you think?

The natural edge to Tunisian will make slip stitch joins very easy.

You’re on the right track with your squares. I’ll be doing mine the same. Beginning with 30 stitches gives me an approximate width of 6". I’ll let you all know with each new stitch how it behaves opposed to TSS so you can make necessary adjustments.

Oh @TexasPurl, you are going to take us for a ride with this aren’t you? Thank you for all you’ve already done to get this going, I know we will all learn a lot. I’m thanking you now for times during the journey as you keep us all going and I already know we’re going to be thanking you at the end for the entire trip. You’re the best!

My hooks are supposed to arrive tomorrow.

Away we go! :smiley: I’ll get my first square going in the morning.

Did you get going on this yesterday? How is it going?

@Char Yes, I did last night and it’s going really well. It’s stitching up nicely and the yarn is soft and easy to work with. My son and grandsons are visiting today so there won’t be much time during the day, but I’m really looking forward to getting back to it.

Yay! I’m so excited to see everyone’s work!

What colors did everyone choose? Are you doing one color or two?

We need pictures!!! (This means you, too, @pinesprairie :fk:)

I will try and post pictures when the sun gets up.:fk:

My first almost finished square. I think I will go up a few more hook sizes.:fk:

DSCN6105 (2).JPG

Pretty stitches! What size are you using? It looks a bit tight.

4.5mm using KnitPicks Brava Sport

Sneaking here quick before going outside but please don’t tell on me.

I still have the curl on the bottom - I need to remember to go up one additional size to cast on. The selvedges are better on this one if I remember to give a little tug after getting the first bar - if I don’t, I have big old sloppy loopy messy edge.


Looks great. I guess I had better go up a few more sizes!!

I’d bet a H/8 5.00mm hook would get you a bit better tension. Also make sure you pull those loops all the way up to the top. Don’t stop at the front of the work.

Oooh, I’m in love with that green! You definitely want to give that first loop a tug to keep the right hand side pretty. Just an FYI - the bottom curl can also be controlled by working a row of purl stitches before starting the pattern stitch. Purl stitch is in week 3.

Very pretty!